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Academie Duello, based in Vancouver, Canada is a school of Western Martial Arts that specializes primarily in the Italian school of swordplay. Programs span multiple disciplines including use of the rapier, sidesword, longsword, pole arms, wrestling, bartitsu, archery, and mounted combat at their stables in nearby Steveston, BC.

Services Provided

Duello's Youth Program and Knight Camps cater to students aged 8 to 14. Youth are given martial instruction in weapons such as the longsword, rapier and quarterstaff. At their 5-day Knight Camps, students also learn about Heraldry, Knightly Virtues, history and more. Learn more about Knight Camp at

The programs at the centre focus on mastery of the arts, personal fitness and growth, stage combat and performance, as well as team-building and youth leadership. There are over 250 actively attending members across all programs and hundreds more attend workshops and seminars, including Corporate and School groups, held regularly at the centre. Academie Duello is the largest centre of its kind in the world.


Academie Duello was founded in the summer of 2004 by Devon Boorman and Randy Packer. It’s first location was an outdoor, defunct skating rink. It leaked in the rain, had no heating, was poorly lit but was centrally located. The welcoming nature of the program attracted people from all different backgrounds and a great diversity of ages. The Academie quickly grew, began renting two community centre spaces, and in its second year moved into its first proper facility.

In 2010, Academie Duello relocated to its current home, a 5000 sqft heritage building located in the business centre of downtown Vancouver. The space features a large training floor; a museum of Western Martial Arts featuring swords, armour, and original fight books; a members lounge, and a retail store.

Interesting Facts

Academie Duello is the sponsor and centre for the Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium a gathering of Western Martial Arts practitioners and instructors from around the world. The 2013 symposium concluded to rave reviews in February and plans are underway for the next symposium in February of 2015.

Master Instructor: Devon Boorman

Devon Boorman is the Director and Master Instructor for Academie Duello. He has been studying martial arts nearly his entire life and has been actively studying Western arts for 18 years. His first taste of western swordplay came through involvement with the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) where he achieved the top rank for swordplay with the rapier. From this start he connected with a burgeoning community of swordplay scholars and practitioners that were forming the nucleus of the modern Western Martial Arts revival. He became involved in research and translation projects began travelling, competing, and teaching throughout the world.


Academie Duello is located at 412 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Learn more at their website

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