The Nanny Whisperer

The Nanny Whisperer


The Nanny Whisperer seeks to change the way families find great nannies by evaluating a match based on core values held by both parties, instead of simply matching time schedules. I believe that the individual caring for your loved ones should share similar core values as yourself. By basing a match on values and principles, I seek to strengthen the working relationship from day one in hopes of creating a lifelong connection between families and their nanny.


I have experience working for nanny placement companies in Boston and San Francisco. Through my experience, I’ve seen all the in’s & out’s of synthesizing a placement. Many of these practices and skills I’m eager to implement in my company. But more importantly, I’ve come to understand what makes a truly great match between nanny and family. It goes far beyond what the larger nanny placement agencies take into account when making matches, which is why I started the Nanny Whisperer.

Services Offered

The Nanny Whisperer provides individualized searches which is an implementation of common industry practices and an innovative approach to create matches based on similar core values between the family and the nanny.

Interesting Facts

The Nanny Whisperer provides continuing support even after successful placement. By following @nannywhisperer on twitter and by visiting our website, which contains a regularly updated blog, you will have access to resources.

Additional Information

I believe children are every family’s most prized possession and their care is of the utmost importance. As a nanny I have provided care for children, while developing lifelong relationships with several families based on mutual respect and care for each other. These experiences have inspired me to create this company and help other families find a childcare experience with more depth than the average employee-employer relationship.

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