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"[I learned] way more [in class] than in school. Everything you learn, you can use it right away! Here you can actually see your own website being built! Aaand we do a lot of interview questions." -Lucy

Founded and instructed by software engineers from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more! We believe in giving the best education with no compromises. That's why all our instructors has to have worked in one of the big-4 companies in tech.

At Polyglot, we streamline the curriculum to ensure that you come out capable and confident with coding in your free-time, and have a strong foundation to do software engineering work. We don't just do "toy-problems" and call it a day. We tackle real day-to-day problems seen in the industry!

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August 4, 2019

I have just finished the full stack course a few days ago, and am already thinking of all the projects that I will work on with all my newly acquired skills and knowledge. I started the course without thinking too much about how it will impact my future, and thought that coding would just be a good skill to have regardless of what I end up doing in the future. The course starts off with me learning my first language, which was completely new territory. I never felt intimidated, as the teacher was able to explain everything in a very kind concise manner. This allowed me to continue learning more complicated topics and how to integrate them with my first language. We managed to store data that my code would ask for using Sequelize and then made it pleasing to look at using html/css while managing the functional aspects with JQuery and React. The curriculum was perfect as it taught me how to use the most essential programs without being overburdening as each topic would prepare you for the next. If you have ever had the thought about trying coding, this is definitely a good place to start!

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May 24, 2019

I took this course a few months ago and it is honestly the most useful computer science class ever. It exposes you to a wide variety of "subtopics", which all come back to web development! Speaking of web development, you get to learn a variety of ways to create the best web application (eg. jQuery, python, React, and a lot more). Also, the teacher is supeerrrrrrr nice! Compared to the courses at school, this course can cover everything in just a few hours, and we learn a lot more in-depth code at this course than in the programming course at school. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for an intro - intermediate course for the world of computer science!

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