Kira's Magical Meadow ~ Kimber Leigh Kara MEd

Where do Parents Learn How to Raise a Secure Child with Emotional Resilience?

Kira's Magical Meadow™ is a mystical place where parents and guardians explore the Circle of Security® Road Map in creating a Secure Base and a Safe Haven for children of all ages.

As a professional, parent, guardian, or caregiver: engage in empathetic shifts, reflect on how your Shark Music impacts your relationships and role model both Time-Outs and Time-Ins towards fostering emotional resilience. We have three offerings:

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3 Sessions

Circle of Security - Parenting (CoS-P) ~ 8 Module Workshop
For ages 18+ yrs

Explore the challenges of raising a secure child. Uncover how the hidden echoes of parenting from your past could be sabotaging your relationships with your child(ren), spouse, friends and clients.... Read More

Fri -
10am - 12pm
Fairfield Community Place
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My Adatod Journal - a Parent Child Experience
For ages 8-18 yrs

Do you struggle with getting your kids to do chores, eat healthy, or unplug once in a while? My Attitude Journal was created for a 6-year-old who wanted to play and watch movies all summer long. At... Read More

Thurs -
6pm - 8pm
Fairfield Community Place


Filling My Cup ~ 4 Module Workshop
For ages 18+ yrs

Uncover the secrets to balancing health and wellness - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - both alone in community. Overcome challenges of not having enough time or energy for yourself. Exp... Read More

Sun -
5pm - 8pm
Hidden Gem
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September 20, 2018

5 stars!
Kimber’s work has given me awareness, mentoring and healing. I recommend everyone take this course, it’s taught me so much. I now understanding what a safe and secure relationship is and how to achieve it. Kimber walked me through the CoS course at a time when I needed it most. The individual mentoring gave me clarity with identifying feelings. Her course, her expertise, her kindness and compassion are authentic. I’m so thankful for meeting You Kimber and for her CoS course.

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March 1, 2018

I highly recommend the works of Kim. She's not only a mentor but a life coach. I am an NF (Intuitive Feeling type) personality myself and she helped me understand myself better when I had some rough times. I am more confident, stronger, wiser and kind despite the fact that I am a sensitive person. I wish my parents had resources like this when I was a kid. I highly recommend this to every parent raising a sensitive kid so that the they will learn how to deal their children and make their relationship great. I think it will make a huge difference in terms of understanding a sensitive child better.

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March 1, 2018

I have known Kimber to put her energy, heart and soul into what she does. Her efforts and creativity in manifesting plans and goals to reality has been tried and tested. It's as if she molds a thought to reality. Her passion to foster learning and be an advocate for others is exceptional.

With the current awakening and realization of our spiritual evolution, many sensitives have experienced confusion, overwhelming emotions, and being lost on how to handle their gifts and overall life skills. With Kimber's vision and mission, every intuitive, empath child, adult, can be guided and empowered to be who they want to be, and can be taught tools to be utilized in their individual journey to fulfill their spiritual purpose which gives them a deeper meaning of life itself.

Kimber is a true Beacon of Light for others who are curious, who are lost, and who are ready for learning and to be guided. She is a Living Compass who believes that everybody has their own Life Arrows. And she strives to fulfill that need to support and direct that person to their True North.

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