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Total Learning Services (TLS) is a unique tutoring service in Victoria that has been operating in Victoria since 2014. TLS is dedicated to improving quality of life through effective clinical reading programs for children, teens and adults (ages: 5 to adult).

As a reading specialist, I use strategies that make the reading process fun and easy.Achievement testing is done to determine the areas of the reading process which are of the greatest concern. My programs have changed the lives of many. Pediatrician recommendation. 

Contact Brenda Osadchy, B.Ed. M.SpEd. 778-440-0997 or


Brenda Osadchy worked with my son during his fourth year of school.  At that time, he was maintaining average grades of about 65%, which he was very unhappy with and he suggested that he “needed professional help”.  I believe he intuitively knew he was capable of more but didn’t know how to obtain it.  My son worked with Brenda for approximately four months a couple times a week.  During that time, his marks went from 60% to mid-80%.  The more important component of his work with Brenda was the validation of his belief in himself.  Brenda recognized my son as having auditory processing delay with mild dyslexic symptoms, as well as ADHD.  Throughout his schooling my son continued to have behavioral challenges in school but his teachers continued to work with him due to his academic ability.  I do not believe that this would have happened had he not spent the time working with Brenda.  Brenda’s programs gave my son, Tolo, the tools he needed to be able to demonstrate his intelligence in a way that the school system could appreciate. Tolo is now in his 4th year of honors math in university and will continue into graduate work.  His marks are now in the 90’s; he has been invited to join the Golden Key sorority for being in the top 15% of his class.  I truly believe that Tolo would not have been able to complete high school had he not received the tutoring in grade 4 from Brenda Osadchy.   Brenda has a gift with youth that allows her to see their potential while providing support to them to fulfill that potential.  She believes in them until they are able to believe in themselves.                                                                                                     

-Glenda S.

When my son Brandon was in grade 3 he couldn't read and seemed to be slipping through the cracks in the school system. His grade 3 teacher told me that Brandon would never be more than a C- student and the sooner I accepted that the better for all concerned. Well I wouldn't accept that so I went in search of a private teacher to teach him to read.  That is how I met Brenda.  Brenda was opening a new business teaching children having problems with reading. My son was her first client. Brenda not only taught Brandon to read, she instilled in him self-confidence.  Brenda loves what she does and it is evident in her teaching. She was always very positive and excited for every success her students have. By the time Brandon finished Brenda's program he was reading at his grade level; he was much happier and more confident. He went from being a struggling student to one that excelled.  Today Brandon is a successful Chartered Accountant, and we have Brenda to thank for her part in that!           

-Brenda K.                                   

Our son was diagnosed with a learning disability when he was in grade 3.  At that time, he was taken out of the class room by the resource teacher for an hour at a time to help with reading.  There was little improvement so his teacher suggested we take him to a pediatrician for testing. The doctor was unable to find anything wrong and suggested we contact Brenda as he felt it could be a problem with reading and she had helped others. Brenda worked with our son for three months, two hours a day for five days a week and took him from a grade 2 level of reading to a grade five level.  The first time our son read from a book I was driving and had to pull over to the side of the road as I was overcome with joy that he could finally read.  Brenda was instrumental in helping our son achieve a grade 12 education and go on to receiving his plumber gas fitter ticket to owning his own business.  It was her dedication and expertise that helped him to achieve this and we are forever grateful to her.                      

-Betty and Jim O.


Our son took the auditory processing program from Brenda Osadchy when he was in grade nine; he was a very poor reader.  Without the program, he would have fallen by the wayside in the school system. Since taking the program, he has come a long way. He is registered in the mechanical engineering program at SAIT in Calgary. This program was the best investment we could give our child, Travis. Every day I thank Sherry (Special Education teacher) for our referral to Brenda.                                                                                                  

-Tammy & Mervin A.       


I participated in the auditory processing program when I was 15 years old. Up until that point, I had struggled with reading comprehension and writing.  This severely impacted my ability to be successful at school.  The program greatly improved my comprehension and communication skills which helped me to function better at school and at home.  Without the help from Brenda, I would not be where I am today.   The skills and abilities I developed in the program allowed me to pursue higher education which has greatly improved my quality of life.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with auditory processing issues.     

-Travis A.


My daughter, Kristie was having difficulty with spelling despite the numerous attempts by the school to help her.  Brenda began a spelling program with Kristie and worked with her once a week for a couple of months. On completion of the program, my daughter’s spelling marks went from 3/40 (8%) to 40/40 (100%) whilst utilizing the retention methods taught her.  This program boosted her self confidence in all her subject areas.  I also had the pleasure of working with Brenda in our school for two years.  I watched many children flourish with her varied programs. I have no hesitation in recommending Ms Osadchy and her programs to parents and students of all ages.                                                                                                              

-Alison  N.


Brenda’s programs for my children were instrumental in getting my children through school. All three of my children have gone on to higher education.  Brenda instilled in them a belief in themselves and their self-confidence and self-esteem soared. We believe that education is important and we, as parents, had to invest in our children’s futures. Jeff, who struggled the most, is a journeyman welder (at twenty years of age), Jaus owns his own business, and Carli is attending University, completing a Bachelor of Arts degree.       

-Lorraine N.


I was Brenda’s first student in her business, Total Learning Services. I was struggling in school, and my mom found me a tutor for my reading problems. I enjoyed going to my daily tutoring session because Brenda made learning fun with lots of games; I wasn’t aware that all the games were training my brain to work differently. After taking the auditory processing program, school work was easier and my grades went up. I know that without this program, I wouldn’t be where I am today, a Certified Chartered Accountant.       

-Brandon K.                                                              

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Reviews of Total Learning Services

February 17, 2018

I highly recommend Total Learning Services!
I saw my sons’ self -esteem and confidence grow as he began to participate regularly in his sessions. His teachers at school all noticed the significant increase in my sons reading and comprehension abilities. I am confident that my Son would not be able to read without the support of Total learning services. She always made the learning fun .

By: Val Longland on February 17, 2018
I highly recommend Total Learning Services! I saw my sons’ self -esteem and confidence grow as he began to participate regularly in his sessions. His teachers at school all noticed the significant increase in my sons reading and comprehension abilities. I am confident that my Son would not be able to read without the support of Total learning services. She always made the learning fun .

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