Power of Hope

Power of Hope

The Power of Hope is a charitable non-profit organization that unleashes the positive potential of youth through arts-centred multicultural and intergenerational learning programs that value self-awareness, leadership, environmental stewardship, community and social change.

The Power of Hope’s record is stellar. With a youth-adult ratio of 2:1, it offers quality engagement and mentorship. For over fifteen years, PoH has consistently transformed teens’ lives – across cultural, socioeconomic, and generational lines. Each summer, we see youth have the time of their lives, and send them back into their families and communities with a more compassionate world view, a better self-image, stronger leadership skills, and a host of new friends.

Power of Hope utilizes PYE Global’s Creative Community Model, which is based on the premise that we’re all innately creative, and don’t need to be a professional artist to borrow powerful techniques from the arts. It integrates music, rhythm, visual arts, theatre, creative writing, story telling and movement into the group facilitation and learning process. It also fosters the spirit of a creative community where participants are supported to express themselves, take creative risks, learn by doing and are seen and heard by others. As a result, PoH has neutralized bullying and homophobia, healed depression, helped many kids kick drugs and alcohol, and continues to infuse young lives with a new sense of passion, empathy and purpose. For more information about the impact of Power of Hope, contact us to see our summary report by MEM Consultants.

PoH works on many fronts: adult facilitation classes, after-school and aboriginal programs, and music camps. At the heart of the organization are the weeklong arts-based summer camps on Cortes Island; it is here that the most inspiring and dramatic changes occur. Approximately 40 youth and 25 staff from all over Canada and the US attend each of our camps. This small youth-to-staff ratio allows us to provide a safe environment where mentorship relationships can thrive. At every camp, Power of Hope strives to bring together a diverse group of youth and staff that celebrates difference of all kinds: ethnic, cultural, religious, class, gender, personality, life experience, and more. Our staff are skilled at facilitating conversations and experiential learning around diversity, in a way that leads to powerful conversations, meaningful friendships, and deep learning.

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