Kiowa Farm

Kiowa Farm

Kiowa Farm, home of Forward Equestrian Inc., is a unique special purpose equestrian and wellness centre serving the Greater Victoria area and beyond since 2010. Through a combination of integrated programs and services, the centre has established a solid footing in equine and animal-assisted therapy and learning, nature based preschool programs, birthday parties, equestrian camps, and related programming. The farm has also established a program for the promotion and breeding of the Lusitano Horse. The organization has established a first rate team of clinical specialists, teachers, coaches and other qualified experts to bring these programs and services to the community. 
Kiowa Farm provides high quality, dependable and safe services. The horses and animals chosen from our herd to participate in all of our services were selected using strict criteria designed for our wellness programs. They are exceptionally well managed and receive on-going specialized training to work with vulnerable populations. We have and continue to exceed every step to maximize safety and effectiveness, and to minimize risk.
Our Mission
To advance an integrated, service-based, equestrian and wellness centre of exceptional quality focusing on equestrian and evidence based equine and animal-assisted therapy and learning
Wellness Services Equine
and Animal-Assisted Therapy and Learning combines evidence-based approaches to therapy and learning with horses and other animals in a natural environment. Professional mental and health care providers, certified teachers, interventionists, and trained facilitators provide services to children and adults with mental health, cognitive, developmental, physical, and learning support needs. Programs are individually tailored to meet the clients therapeutic or learning goals. No experience is required and programs are inclusive.
Services Include:
  • Clinical Counseling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Behaviour Intervention
  • Learning Assistance
  • Physical Development Support and Rehabilitation
  • Therapeutic Vaulting
  • Supported Riding and Horsemanship Lessons
  • Group Programs and Social Groups
  • Non-equestrian nature and adventure based programs 

The Equine and Animal-Assisted Therapy and Learning services are evidence based and provided by qualified personnel (licensed, registered, etc.) such as those services that are normally offered in clinical offices, community based programs, schools, and homes.  However, the services are offered at the farm with horses which enhance the effectiveness of traditional approaches to therapy and learning. As supported by research, a nature environment (as opposed to the traditional more clinical environment) is grounding, and the horses provide a form of natural biofeedback enhancing the therapeutic relationship and thus the effectiveness of the interventions.

Heath care providers and educators such as clinical psychologists, registered counselors, nurses, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, teachers, behavioural interventionists, physical development support professionals, and other health, wellness, and learning specialists are contracted to provide services. These particular heath care providers and educators are also certified equestrian coaches and experienced horse people, providing clients with professionals who are qualified to provide an integrated set of services.

Kiowa Farm addresses a variety of neurobiological, cognitive-behavioural, and mental health issues, including but not limited to: Autism, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, PDD NOS, anxiety, depression, brain injury, learning challenges, addictions, etc., as well as, general mental and physical wellness enhancement. We also address physical development and rehabilitation needs such as strength training for a specific sport, or therapy for those who have suffered physical injury or who have a neuromuscular condition such as muscular dystrophy.

Essentially we have taken health care and learning assistance services out of the clinics, offices, and classrooms, and brought them to the farm with horses and other animals. We find that adapting these animals to traditional evidence based approaches to therapy and learning enhances the effectiveness of the treatments and interventions, as well as aiding in the prevention of illness. Furthermore, clients can draw upon the numerous service options, combining them in ways that is uniquely suited to their needs. 

Kiowa Farm's wellness services have been shown to be highly effective to the health and well being of clients and their families. The service characteristics are unique and based on the high degree of client loyalty and feedback.

Many of the wellness services are eligible for government funding for extended medical plans which enhance the accessibility for clients.

Wellness Services for individual sessions range from $75 - $120 depending on the level of service and service provider.

Group prices vary by program. Please refer to program schedule for more info. 
No referral needed.

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