Wascana Racing Canoe Club

Wascana Racing Canoe Club

Club Environment

The WRCC executive, coaches and staff wish to build a strong, positive team spirit within the club. To accomplish this, we must be assured that all members of the organization feel comfortable and that a positive training environment exists for all. The coaches and staff work closely with the athletes to ensure that a positive atmosphere exists at the boathouse, on the water and at regattas. To help achieve this goal, competitive athletes will be asked to sign the Athlete's Code of Conduct at the beginning of the season. The Code of Conduct outlines expectations for the personal conduct of the athletes within the context of training, traveling and competing. All WRCC coaches and staff adhere to a comparable code of conduct.


WRCC's boathouse is located in Wascana Park. The boathouse consists of storage bays for club and athlete boats, a change room with storage space for athletes and a bay for club administrative use. As well, athletes have access to a refrigerator and microwave for storing and preparing lunch. There also is a bike rack beside the boathouse for those needing to lock their bikes. WRCC athletes also have access to the Canada Games Lake Centre (south end of the Rowing Club boathouse). This facility houses change rooms, showers and washrooms.


WRCC has a large fleet of recreational, training and racing boats, as well as other necessary padding and safety equipment. All athletes will have access to a full range of boats and will be given the opportunity to train and race in canoes and kayaks for one person (C-1 and K-1), two people (C-2 and K-2) and 4 people (C-4 and K-4). In addition, athletes will train and race in the Canadian War Canoe (C-15), which is an event exclusive to Canada, where there are 14 paddlers and a coxswain or steer person. The War Canoe is an exciting event at all regattas.


WRCC coaches, staff and volunteers work hard to ensure the safety of all participants on the water. All staff are required to hold a current first aid certificate. As well, all WRCC staff are highly competent water safety personnel. WRCC follows the CanoeKayak Canada Code of Safety. The club adheres to the Canadian Coast Guard Small Vessel Regulations that relate to racing canoes and kayaks.

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