Young Writers’ Academy

Young Writers’ Academy


Creative Writing is everywhere! We are entertained by the playwright, songwriter, and screenwriter. We explore new adventures with the novelist. We are moved by the poet, and we are informed by the journalist. We are inspired to do a bit more, be a bit more, and engage a bit more by the script writer.

The mission of Young Writers' Academy LLC is to provide engaging creative writing enrichment opportunities for students that will inspire them to write. We aim to improve their craft and artiface through experiential learning. Our students have a blast creating original work:

  • bound books
  • poetry & art
  • comics
  • stage plays
  • broadcasts
  • commercials
  • original songs
  • professionally published stories
  • newspapers

Explore our website to see the variety of classes and camps we offer, the finished products our students produce and the life-long skills our participants acquire.

Benefits of Writing

Creative writing is usually taught in schools as an elective or fun exercise, but it deserves more direct focus from teachers. Below are just some of the great ways creative writing can help your child.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination

Kids have vivid imaginations; that’s nothing new. Creative writing encourages children to exercise their creative minds and practice using their imaginations. It improves their ability to “think outside of the box.” This broadens their thought processes, which can lead to success in many areas, such as analytical and problem solving skills.

Gives Language Skills Practice

Creative writing is an excellent way for children to practice all of the grammaticalconcepts they learn in school. It gives them the opportunity to make and learnfrom their writing mistakes, but in a way that they enjoy and will stick withthem much more than homework or worksheets. Punctuation, word choice, wordusage, spelling, and grammar are just some of the things children will receivepractice in as they write creatively.

Develops Self-Confidence and Persuasiveness

When children write, it makes them feel better about themselves. When something theycame up with on their own receives adult praise, it can really strengthen theirself-confidence. Creative writing can help make children feel more comfortableasserting themselves and voicing their opinions.

Allows for Self-Expression

Children often have complicated feelings that they are not’t sure how to express. Writingis an excellent form of therapy for anyone, and it can be greatly beneficialfor children especially. Through creating characters and plot lines, children are able to make sense of their own feelings and lives and feel better.

Improves Their Skills in Other Areas

Studies show that children who more often practice creative writing are generallybetter in other subjects as well, like science, math, and foreign languages.Stretching their minds and challenging themselves through creative writinghelps to give them the confidence and discipline they need to succeed in allareas of school and life in general. Many of the things children can learn fromwriting, such as idea development, will serve them well elsewhere.

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