Kitchen Kids

Kitchen Kids


Inspired by competitive cooking shows, we've created a format to keep kids involved and entertained! Kids LOVE to roll their sleeves up and do their best to create a winning dish! They are given ONE common ingredient and are sent off to choose their own accompaniments from our exciting 'pantry'! The clock is ticking while they cut, stir, taste and dish their creations!

Our Philosophy

Kids deserve something special, something different. Our goal is to enable children to discover their hidden talents in the kitchen! We hope children will leave our parties with a new found love for healthy food and the knowledge that they are capable cooks! Kitchen Kids is innovative and inclusive. We love what we do!


My daughter loved the experience of cooking with new ingredients and being creative. The challenge of making something within a certain time made it extra fun! She couldn't wait to use all the fun tools from the treat bag. Fantastic party!
- Wendy

Fantastic party for kids! Being creative with healthy ingredients and preparing wonderful dishes is a hit for kids and parents! The kids are so proud - an added benefit!
- Andrea

I love that you get to take all the ingredients and make something creative with it! It was the best party I've ever had!
- Sienna

After attending the party my daughter came home and was so excited to make dinner for the family on her own using the skills she had learned! She beamed with pride in her accomplishments and was so happy when Dad went for seconds. A spark has been ignited and she has been reading through cookbooks to see what she can whip up next!
- Michelle N.

What a great new innovative way to spice up any birthday party!! From little kids to big kids, KitchenKids will leave your guests beaming with smiles and memories. This experience left us with the urge to shop and cook!
- Pids-N-kids
Lori-Lynn Pidsadowski

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