Great Big Theatre Company

Great Big Theatre Company


Great Big Theatre Company has offered drama education programs for kids since 1994, and we have camps and classes near you!

GBTC is a non-profit and registered charity; our focus is children's theatre. We offer camps, classes, mainstage and travelling productions, afterschool programs and in-school workshops.

GBTC offers weekly day camp programs throughout July and August and also during March Break for campers age 6 to 14. The program includes plays, mime, improvisation, theatre games, musical theatre, work with simple sets and costumes, and an end-of-week public performance. Also included are outdoor activities, swimming (at selected locations), games and sports.

Our goal, is to provide a summer camp program that is rewarding, enriching and challenging; that is focused on encouraging participation, and that helps kids develop and try out new skills and capabilities. The program is aimed at growth in self-confidence and self-esteem. It teaches kids to work creatively, individually as well as in groups. At the same time, it provides a place and environment where kids can have fun. All kids can benefit from drama / acting experience, whether intending to eventually pursue a professional career in acting or simply for the joy of it. The benefits for kids include: increased self-confidence; imagination; empathy; enhanced capacities for cooperation / collaboration; better concentration and "focus"; better communication skills; problem-solving skills: emotional outlet; relaxation; self-discipline; trust; physical fitness; memory; social awareness; aesthetic appreciation; and of course, fun.

GBTC emphasizes basic skills, appropriate to each individual age level, in areas such as voice, movement, working with scripts, clear speech, expressing emotions, and developing character; we also work to encourage participation and develop confidence. We offer a low ratio (between 7:1 and 8:1) of campers to staff, so that each camper gets sufficient individualized attention. In addition, each age group prepares its own segment of the end-of-week performance, so that everyone participates equally, as much as possible.

The camp is a great way to meet new friends, learn new skills, and try out new tricks ! GBTC's theatre camps are designed to spark the interest of young people who want to act out interesting character roles, and more ! They'll act, sing, dance and participate in stagecraft and theatre games. There's something for everyone, and enough variety to keep campers interested, attentive and involved for the full day. Imaginations will soar to meet each new creative challenge.

The Friday end-of-week shows are exciting and intense, focusing all of the campers' acquired skills and dynamic energy to be shared with family and friends, in a fun setting that highlights each camper's talents and abilities. The confidence gained is something the kids retain long after the last day of camp. GBTC's enthusiastic, caring staff create a warm, supportive environment where campers will feel at home, and be ready to explore and discover. At the end of the day, each and every camper leaves with the joy of participation, and a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

GBTC also offers preschool camps for children age 3 to 5. The program is designed to nurture an environment of respect, kindness, compassion and intelligent behavior.

Each GBTC camp setting enables the young campers to play in a safe environment while developing physical, social and personal skills. Through positive encouragement, compassion, fun and patience, we work with the child in creating pleasant experiences and memories that serve to build confidence and ability.  Every day each child is welcomed to the camp by a friendly and caring staff member who will guide them through the day with a clear and well defined manner of communication. There is plenty of outside play time along with scheduled indoor activities alternating with rest periods during the day, to balance active engagement as well as rest and well-being.

Our young campers, ages 3-5 years will enjoy storytelling and creative role play. Fun movement games and activities spark a spacial awareness in the young child enabling the child to interact physically with peers in a positive and effective manner.  All activities as well as lunch and snack periods are organized, to ensure that each child feels secure, included and positively engaged within the camp group.

GBTC also offers weekly classes throughout the school year (October to January and February to May for students age 9-13, 6-8 and also preschool students age 3-5.

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