ARTjamming San Jose

ARTjamming San Jose


Each person has their own creativity and we allow this to come through at Art jamming. We build solid art skills through tried and tested classical approaches so they are better equipped to express their creative instincts through visual art. The lesson plans are very structured to get the most out of the hour. They also build sequentially on one another to build art skills in a step wise fashion, and also encourage a creative open minded way of thinking.

Hey, Make up your own Art!

One of our central goals at ARTJamming is to help each student connect with their own inner voice, trust their own instincts and make their own art! We each have an individual creativity that needs to be expressed and cultivated for a lifetime of enjoyment, and expression. Expressing who we are is one of life's true joys and we plan to help students build confidence in their own inner voices.

Here at Art Jamming we feel that the worst mistake you can make is to not make any at all! So we take risks, play with new ideas and techniques and slowly develop our own sense of self expression. So to happy mistakes, and plenty of individuality!

Covering the Basic of Course...

We tackle warm up drawing exercises at the start of each lesson for a few minutes. These are often left hand drawing exercises based on the work of Betty Edwards, designed to activate and stimulate the creative right-side of the brain. These exercises rapidly increase drawing and perception skills which translate into all areas of art. Drawing is to art, what ballet is to dance!

We also structure color theory and paint mixing skills, composition and so on into our weekly classes. We do not paint from a rainbow of colors to chose from but will mix all the subtle shades we want from primaries. That way our colors never look like "tube colors" and are endlessly unique and subtle.

The lessons are structured around the art fundamentals, so that students can move through the courses and develop a strong art grounding that will last a lifetime.

Discussions and Somewhat Intriging Questions

We take quick peeks at art history topics, themes or famous artists (historical or current), just enough to inspire and intrigue. We do this in various ways, but most often focussing on the work of a single artist and letting that guide our project of the day. Often we ask and discuss intriging questions about art, what is art?, is that art?!, and what are they trying to say with that thing they made!? We have fun with these ideas.

Art History is fun but how does it help us now?

We use our brief peeks into what came before us to inspire and fuel our own creativity, open our minds to what is possible, also to learn skills, techniques and ways of looking at things from truly great artists so we do not have to reinvent the wheel. It serves to see how the role of art in society has changed over the centuries so we can intelligently consider its current role in society, and its function in our own lives. This is vital for art appreciation.

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