As most parents know, keeping kids engaged after-school in various academic and athletic activities - on weekends, school winter breaks and on long summer holidays, can be challenging when attempting to juggle the demands of work, errands and very busy lifestyles.

Even when kids are enrolled in after-school activities, parents often find it difficult to find the time to get kids to these activities on a regular and consistent basis due to work and life demands. actKIDvity, was borne out of one parent's desire to get the kids to their after-school activities, on-time, every time and also sustain active participation.

Imagine being at work (or otherwise indisposed) and KNOW that your son/daughter is not at home lounging on the couch, TV surfing or aimlessly hanging out with friends or worse, with bad company, BUT at that academic or sporting activity you have always wanted your kids engaged in and was never able to make the time to get the kid to. At actKIDvity, we have a crew of experienced drivers and custodians plus impressive fleet of vans for use in transporting our kids to their after-school activities, as well as special event charters for school field trips, summer camps, team competitions etc.

Sign-up your kids for any of our scheduled after-school activity pick-ups/drop-offs or charter one of our comfortable vans for special events, sit back and relax as an experienced crew provides an unforgettable experience for you and your kids!


We treat all our clients as we would treat our own children, therefore child safety is our #1 priority and our success is only measured by the safe and comfortable transportation of the wards in our custody.


actKIDvity was borne out of a combination of the desire to raise healthy, active kids and the necessity to get kids to all their after-school programs and activities, on time and all the time. actKIDvity is built to ensure our clients are transported safely and on-time to their activities and parents/guardians can rest-assured that their children are in the best of hands.


actKIDvity's mission is to transport children to/from their after-school programs and activities safely, on-time, all the time, allowing children of busy parents/guardians to develop their talents and skills for things they're passionate about.

Sporting Activities

Kids require sustained active participation in recreational sporting activites in order to excel at such activities. Often times, due to conflicting parental schedules and life's daily pressures, kids enrolled in recreational activites do not always make it to practices and games, leading to the kids being cut from their teams, which turns makes the kids unhappy and everybody is frustrated.

Academic Activities

Some kids require extra assistance beyond classroom and home work to catch up and parents enrol or would love to enrol the kids in some form of after-school tutoring. Other kids have talents for other hobbies like music, ballet, a 2nd language etc, but the parents can't find the time to get kids to these activities. In these situations, the kids miss out on improving their academic grades or developing their artistic skills and everybody is equally frustrated.

Meet the Crew

Our experienced crew members have long school bus and driving safety records and/or are certified in First Aid and CPR. Your children's safety are ensured every time you hand your kids to us with the experience and knowledge of every of our 2man crew in each vehicle.

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