Meet The ChatterBlock Team!

Although we're a small hard-working team, we have many engaged parents and local businesses who help make ChatterBlock what it is.

A big thank you to the ChatterBlock parents, supporters, contributors, and partners! We can always be reached at:

  • James DeGreef, CEO
    Product Visionary, Entrepreneur

    Proud father of two sweet girls. Loves taking daughters swimming, sailing, and lotsa fun stuff.

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  • James Addison, CTO
    Entrepreneur, Architect, Developer

    Has two year old twins, a boy and girl. Besides the twins and ChatterBlock, Addi has very little time in his days.

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  • Joelle Blaikie, Marketing and Community
    Marketing, Social Media

    Ex-avid baby sitter for many years. Loves supporting parents through social media and content development.


  • Christopher Dean, Business Manager
    Business Development, Customer Service

    Hiker and camper. Kit is great at helping local organizations market and grow their business.


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