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ChatterBlock: A How to Guide for Businesses

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View and edit your business page:

When you first sign into your ChatterBlock account, click on 'Your Chatter' in the top right corner. This shows a drop down menu that serves as a starting point for your most important actions.

Click 'View business listing' to see what your page looks like to other users.

You can edit the way your page looks by clicking the "Edit Business Listing" button

Parents prefer listings with photos. When uploading photos, try your best to upload high-quality photos as they are a great way to showcase your business and help set parents' expectations.

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Submit an event, camp or class:

You can also use the 'My Chatter' menu to submit camps, classes or events. The submission forms for each are follow the same format.

Once you've clicked on which you'd like to submit, fill in the fields by entering information specific to your class or event.

Do whatever you can to ensure the information you provide is as specific as possible and up to date.

Once you've clicked 'submit', you will see a green notification telling you your listing has been submitted.

If you don't see the green notification, go over all of your information and make sure you've filled in all the correct fields.

Remember, the information you include here will be visible to the public, so the more information you provide, the more likely you'll find interested viewers. This information can include listing any promotions or special rates you are offering.

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Edit your event, camps & classes:

To edit your event, camp or class on ChatterBlock, start at the 'My Chatter' drop down. Click 'Edit Events' Here you'll see a list of your current live listings.

Click on the 'edit' button next to the event of your choice.

Edit what you need and click 'save'.

Remember to add high quality photos, as they can really make a difference when users are deciding whether to click on your listing.

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Get more out of ChatterBlock:

ChatterBlock plan overview

If you want to gain more exposure on ChatterBlock, look into upgrading to a package with more features, and connect with one of our community managers.

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Get popular by sharing your events, camps and classes on social media. To share, find your event through the main search bar, or click on 'View Business Listing' and 'View Our Events'. The share buttons are located as below the event.

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Consider writing an article for ChatterBlock. Articles are features on our home page and viewers can link back to the original writer.