2018 Rock Paper Scissors Tournament of Champions

Event at St. Andrews Bar & Grill

Time Price
Sat, 7pm - 11pm

The event we've all been waiting for! It's time for the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament of CHAMPIONS.

Head on down to St. Andrew's Bar & Grill on April 21st and see how far your luck will take you in our annual RPS Tournament. It is highly recommended to start practicing now!

Sign-up for the tournament begins at 7 PM.

$5 gets you 20 Gaels Bucks

Bonus Tickets!
5 extra Gaels bucks on the first buy-in if you pre-register (eventbrite free ticket)
5 extra Gaels bucks on the first buy-in if you've already paid dues!

How it Works: Challenge other players and make bets on your matches. At the end of regular play, the players with the most Gaels Bucks earn their way into the bracket! Have a losing streak? You can always buy your way into the tournament by trading cash for Gaels Bucks!

Official tournament play starts at 8 PM, we don’t stop until only the RPS Champion is left standing! Referees will be on site all night to make sure the action is fair.

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