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Fri, 8am - 11:59pm

The three-month ACT for Depression Group combines the benefits of peer support and professional expertise to help you develop a new foundation for a better life. This evidence-based group provides guidance in relating to your emotions and developing skills to help you:

Break the cycle of depression
Reconnect with a sense of meaning and purpose
Build deeper and more satisfying relationships
Increase your mindfulness and awareness
Find ways to gently hold loss while moving forward with life
Engage in worthwhile activity
Establish and pursue what you would choose your life to be about
Develop greater self-compassion

Group Meeting Times: Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm--choose a ticket and sign up to be contacted if you are interested

You need to be signed up and in communication with the facilitator in order to attend.

Cost: The initial consultation cost* is $180. If during the consultation it is determined that the ACT for Depression Group is a good match for your treatment needs, you will be enrolled in the group.

Each group session costs* $40. We run groups for 12 sessions over 3 months (i.e., the total group fee is $480). Once enrolled, you will be responsible for the total group fee regardless of attendance. Group members are encouraged to attend all meetings to receive a full course of treatment.

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