Literature of Restoration Workshop with Deena Metzger

Event at Calgary Public Library - Memorial Park

Time Price
Sat, 1pm - 3pm

The Literature of Restoration
What we care about, what matters to us, what we are called to speak about can be communicated in so many ways beyond the outright statement. A swift glimpse into ways we can use language and inquiry to deepen and hearten our intensions.

About Deena Metzger
Deena Metzger is a radical thinker on behalf of the natural world and planetary survival, a teacher of writing and healing practices for 50 years and a writer and activist profoundly concerned with peacemaking, restoration and sanctuary for a beleaguered world. She has written eight works of fiction, five poetry collections, several plays and works of non-fiction. Her books examine the tragic failure of contemporary culture and provide guidance for personal, political, environmental and spiritual healing. Her novel La Negra y Blanca won the 2012 Oakland Pen Award and her Warrior Poster photograph is celebrated around the world as a testament to a woman’s triumph over breast cancer. Deena has also been actively engaged in integrating Indigenous wisdom and medicine practices into contemporary culture through her projects ReVisioning Medicine, the Literature of Restoration, Daré and the 19 Ways Training for the 5th World. Deena lives at the end of the road in Topanga, California.

Writing for Your Life
Writing for Your Life is an inspiring companion for any writer, professional or personal, who sees writing as a spiritual act. Early chapters on creativity and story would appeal to anyone interested in breaking through self-imposed boundaries, by encouraging the writer to "set yourself the task to write not only what you know but more especially what you don't know." We've all heard this before, but Deena Metzger (A Sabbath Among the Ruins) provides such resonant anecdotes and enticing exercises that it begins to seem not only doable but fun. "Even when writing about ourselves or an event that we know well," she says, "we sometimes find that the story ... is taking a direction we never expected. As it is always possible to come back to the known, it is politic, under these circumstances, to see where the story wants to go." Later chapters help writers access their inner worlds through meditation, spirit guides, mythology, tarot cards, the muse, visions, nature, and dreams. To follow Metzger's book closely requires a great deal of hard but rewarding, work. "Maintaining a spiritual practice is an ordeal like climbing a mountain," Metzger warns, "and it demands the same of us: commitment, discipline, endurance, focus, and awareness. There at the top is the sky and, perhaps, the large vision, but ultimately the meaning is in the climbing." — Jane Steinberg

About Potent Talks
Potent Talks seeks to enrich community through meaningful conversation. We believe every life has unlimited potential at every age and every stage. We believe human beings are inseparable from our network of relationships with all living things. To fulfill our greatest potential requires a deep life quest through the co-evolution of self, community and our interrelatedness with the natural world.

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