Find Awesome Afterschool Activities

Find Awesome Afterschool Activities

Now that we're back in school, discover great programs for your child. Whether sports, arts, or academic enrichment.

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Choosing Kids Classes & Afterschool Programs

Extra-curricular activities are proven to have immense benefits to growing children and teens. Whether your child's interests lie in music, dance, sports or tech, learning new skills and expanding on current talents also make for a well-rounded education.

Here at ChatterBlock, we are firm believers that learning happens largely through experiences and not always from a chalk board. Extra-curricular's teach teamwork, determination, perseverance, and build confidence. Let's not forget that it is often where lifelong friendships blossom.

When choosing a new program for your child, always keep their interests in mind. The goal is to find something they are passionate about and can excel at in order to build the confidence that will transfer into their lives. If you're looking for inspiration, check out these amazing local businesses offering afterschool programming.

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