Hungry KiDchen

Run by Achievers Ages 4-14 yrs

The idea of summer culinary camp came to inception when Achievers director Divya met Sonia Manchanda, who has been providing lunches to over 200 kids in Bay Area schools. Chef says “There’s no wrong way to make a salad or sandwich.” And while there will be hands-on-cooking and education Sonia promises that the approach will let kids be “wacky, silly, have a lot of fun, learn to explore and play in the kitchen."

In this camp, the students get formal classroom time in addition to their kitchen time each day. This enables our students to learn the science behind cooking as they get formal training on concepts like:

Knife Skills and Safety
Kitchen Safety rules – ‘call it out!’
Nutrition and Health
Label Reading and Deciphering
Ingredient Substitution
Kosher, Vegetarian, and Vegan Alternatives

Map to Achievers
Stevenson Blvd., San Jose, California, 94538
Time Price
Mon-Fri, 8am - 6pm

About Achievers
Achievers is a comprehensive after-school enrichment program with a commitment to optimise teaching and  learning, and facilitate a child’s holistic all-round development.

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