Wildflower Yoga Women's Circle

Run by Blossom Birth Services Ages 18+ yrs

Blossom’s Wildflower Yoga Circle invites Women off all ages and life stages to treat themselves to this unique offering of vitalizing and restorative yoga, inspiring meditation, self-love journaling and a nourishing sharing circle.

There is something truly magical about women creating new energy by sharing their yoga practice, laughter and wisdom and holding space for each other in loving kindness. Just like wildflowers women add beauty and wonder to wherever they root themselves. They flower in the most unlikely places, and while they might be delicate they truly know how to weather the storms of modern everyday life.

While we love caring for others, we often don’t realize how draining our lives can be. We are too disconnected to tap into our own wisdom and too busy to find inspiration. But if we find time to nourish ourselves and cultivate our own well-being, we will feel inspired and regain the energy to nourish our loved ones. In this women’s circle we reconnect with ourselves and connect with other women, sharing similar challenges and most importantly sharing their wisdom and compassion. By sharing our stories we learn about ourselves and gain clarity on important questions and actions in our lives.

This is an invitation to reconnect with your inner wisdom and the divine compassion of a modern sisterhood, making new connections and creating new friendships. As Thich Naht Hanh says: "Community will be the Guru of the future." In our women’s circle we will hold space for the beauty of each woman and each of us will go home in a better mood and with more energy and inspiration to grow freely and willful spread her love and joy like wildflower seeds.

Let this women’s circle be your safe place and secret fountain of more strength, joy and wisdom. Coming together with beautiful women on a regular basis is truly addictive and supportive in so many ways.

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Blossom Birth Services
505 Barron Ave, Palo Alto, California, 94306
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Tues, 7:45pm - 9:15pm

Blossom's mission is to provide new and expectant families with services, resources and support for a healthy, informed and confident pregnancy and parenting journey.

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