Fun with Photography Level 2

Run by Vibe Studio Ages 11-14 yrs

This camp is intended for kids who have already taken Fun with Photograph Level 1, or for kids who are over age 11 and looking to dive deep into the basic fundamentals of photography from one of Portland's most beloved family photographer's, Posy Quarterman.

Posy will:
- Delve into the meanings and uses of the different settings on their digital camera*
- Develop a better understanding of composition and light
- Work together on photo art projects
- Explore self portraits beyond the selfie
- Learn about film and practice shooting it with Holga cameras (provided by Vibe)
- Discuss about some of the most important photographers through history
- Adventure out into the community on photography “assignments” and outings
- Dive into art and activism and how photography can change the world
- Learn to critique art thoughtfully, and we'll exhibit the kids work and put on a photo show for parents and family on the final afternoon of camp.

* You will need to bring a camera with you every day – it can be a point and shoot or DSLR, but it it must be digital. Please have a clean memory card for the first day, as well as a charged battery. You should bring your camera’s manual as well if you have it.

Map to Vibe Studio
Vibe Studio
5633 SE Division St, Portland, Oregon
Time Price
Mon-Fri, 9am - 3pm

Vibe exists because arts education is missing in today’s daily educational system, especially for students. Vibe connects local teaching artists, passionate about bringing their love of music and visual arts to the students they work with.

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