Filmmaking Summer Camp

Run by Filmberries Ages 5-18 yrs

Filmmaking Summer Camp is fun and educational camp for kids ages 6 and up. children involved in the process of making a short film from story to screen, in front and behind the camera. Older kids are also introduced to basic video editing and sound engeneering.
Acting on camera is a big part of each camp week. Children learn to audition and perform in front of the camera, use body language and voice to enchance their performance.
(short improvs teaches kids‎ to act on camera)
Photography workshop is also part of each camp week. Children taking turns to be in front of the camera and behind‎, taking pictures of each other and choosing a background for their "Happy Summer" post card that will be send as a digital file to you, so you can forward it to your friends and family instantly.
Cartooning camp weeks are in August (kids make their own comic books and bring them home along with special ink pens and pencils)
Claymation is also part of Cartooning week (children make animation movie, stop-motion based on their comic book strory)

Map to Filmberries
207 Shaughnessy Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, M2J1J9
Time Price
Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm
$350 per week per child

Short Films Made By Kids. Film Studio For Kids. After-School Programs, PA Days, School Breaks Camps, Birthday Party Film Workshops (that come to you).

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