Yukon Laughing Buddha Canoe Trip for Adult Needing An Escape Plan

Run by Fireside Adventures Summer Camps and Expeditions

Adult Yukon River Expedition + Wilderness Gourmet Cooking Lessons + Forest Yoga & Meditation Sessions + Laughing Buddha Teachings = One Heck Of An Urban and Digital Detox Experience

This spring and summer, escape your soul sucking, overly digitized and urbanized life; actually unplug and frigg’n laugh so much that you might pee your pants on this 10 day Yukon canoe/gourmet foodie trip experience with Fireside Adventures.

The Yukon Laughing Buddha River Canoe Trip Details:
Feel your hand dip into the Yukon River as we provide you with excellent instruction, an introduction to the basics of Buddhism, equipment and support while travelling over 400km down the Yukon River. At Fireside, we share the gifts of the wilderness and gourmet cooking with people of all ethnicities, abilities, backgrounds, sizes, gender identities and experience levels.

Fireside Adventures is designed to allow you to enjoy and experience our pillars for adults - Life, Be, and Adventure in the wilderness expedition and retreats.

Unplugged from wifi, phones, computers, home and work life
Wilderness gourmet and wholesome cooking lessons while trip
Fully guided multi-day expedition on the Yukon River from Carmacks to Dawson City
Introduction to basics principles and practices of Buddhism especially learning more about the significance of the Laughing Buddha.
Led by excellent and experienced guides gifted in teaching outdoor leadership and wilderness skills who will provide support for the entirety of the expedition
Daily yoga in the woods and by the riverside meditation
A focus on holistic wellness practices for mind, body, spirit and emotion
Step back into time by hiking the trails seeking Yukon Gold Rush artifacts and abandoned cabins – that’s right…treasure to be found
Soaking your bones at the Takhini Hot Springs
Sleep under the stars on some of the Yukon River’s pristine river islands
A chance to see the northern lights dance above your head
Learn the basics of front and backcountry camping, river canoeing, orienteering, hiking and risk management

At Fireside Adventures, we help guide people to seriously unplug in the easiest most holistic way while connecting outdoor adventure and basic teachings from the Laughing Buddha and the tenets of Buddhism. We are also food centred which is why all Laughing Buddha trips are focused on teaching wilderness gourmet cooking to feed our bellies and nourish our souls. Arrive in Whitehorse, Yukon and paddle the Yukon River from Carmacks to Dawson City.

How so?
Imagine if you could unplug and relax in “butt-frig-nowhere”, giving yourself a chance to just BE, to experience LIFE in simple moments, and go on an ADVENTURE so bonkers you’ll need to wear both your crash helmet and diapers! Surrounded by nature, riding the current of the Yukon River and letting out the biggest and loudest laugh you ever had. To many people, a Yukon River canoe trip is not only awesomely adventurous but also is revered as a spiritual rite of passage.

If you want to learn to love yourself better, be more effective at home and in your career, and ultimately have the time of your life, this type Yukon River canoe trip is for you. It's more than a regular and typical Yukon wilderness tour. We use the wonderment of the Yukon River with workings of canoe trip adventure with the wisdom of the Laughing Buddha, gourmet wilderness cooking, collective knowledge of the group and the meaningfulness of honouring the relationship(s) with self and others. We intentionally create incredible experiences that reflect the goodness of those who attend.

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Fireside Adventures offers dynamic children, youth and adult based camps, retreats and expeditions within BC and Yukon ranging from our ESL Camps, Forest Gourmet Kids Camp to World Bound Youth Leadership to our Laughing Buddha Yukon Canoe Trips.

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