Yukon Laughing Buddha Canoe Trip for Adult Needing An Escape Plan

Run by Fireside Adventures

This summer, escape your soul sucking, overly digitized and urbanized life; actually unplug and frigg’n laugh so much that you might pee your pants on this 10 day Yukon canoe trip experience with Fireside Adventures. Arrive in Whitehorse, Yukon and paddle from Carmacks to Dawson City.

You know how you spend your whole life doing things, running around like a chicken with its head cut off and at the end of the day you’re exhausted, buzzing, but still have that feeling of emptiness…

The problem is the soul in your day has been dismissed or lost and you’re mistaking being busy for being productive. You’ve gotten lazy with your time, and as a result, you've forgotten how to laugh and enjoy the good times; all the while, people that actually mean something to you are passing you by. Sad right? We know feeling that way really sucks! No matter how hard we try to do things differently, especially on our own, we're stuck!

Set yourself free with Fireside’s Yukon Laughing Buddha River Expedition.
"When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” – Buddha.
Life. Be. Adventure.

Fireside Adventures is designed to allow you enjoy and experience our pillars for adults – Life. Be. Adventure. in the wilderness expeditions and retreats.

Fitness Capacities
If you are concerned about your physical readiness to attend one of our programs, please contact us directly. We modify our experiences based on people's abilities and capacities. Relax and let us work together to make an informed shared decision.

Imagine if you could unplug and relax in “butt-frig-nowhere”, giving yourself a chance to just BE, to experience LIFE in simple moments, and go on an ADVENTURE so bonkers you’ll need to wear both your crash helmet and diapers! Surrounded by nature, riding the current of the Yukon River and letting out the biggest and loudest laugh you ever had. To many people, a Yukon River canoe trip is not only awesomely adventurous but also a spiritual rite of passage.

The Laughing Buddha is Buddha of abundance and happiness. You know that you would benefit from more abundant experiences and happiness, but first you need to let go of your overly digitalized and urbanized life….for at least ten days. Right?
We, at Fireside Adventures, help guide people to seriously unplug in the easiest most holistic way while connecting outdoor adventure and basic teachings from the Laughing Buddha and the tenets of Buddhism. If you want to love yourself better, be more effective at home and in your career, and ultimately have the time of your life, this Yukon canoe trip is for you. It's more than a regular and typical Yukon wilderness tour.

Map to Fireside Adventures
Fireside Adventures
PO Box 56011 1st Avenue RPO, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 5E2
Time Price
Fri, 10:20am - 5pm
$2,400.00 CDN plus 5% tax.

Fireside Adventures offers dynamic children, youth and adult based camps, retreats and expeditions within BC and Yukon ranging from our ESL Camps, Forest Gourmet Kids Camp to World Bound Youth Leadership to our Laughing Buddha Yukon Canoe Trips.

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