Outdoor Preschool - Brioregional Beginnings

Run by Little Mountain Bioregional Education Ages 3-5 yrs

Outdoor Preschool
Bioregional Beginnings | September to June
Ages: 3 - 5 years old
Location: Outdoors: Portage Park & Pkols/Mt Doug, traditional Lekwungen / W̱SÁNEĆ territories
Mentor to child ratio: 1-8
When: 9:00am - 11:30am
Price: Mon | Wed | Fri: $1200 (per term - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
Listen to the language of the birds-- learn their unique symphonies. Learn to ask questions -- how can we tend to the wild, respect it, and be filled with wonderment of its unending change? Draw maps and then re-draw them weaving in each child and their families and communities. Then tell the story of place, plants, love, history, and present into one cohesive imagining. Each child knows that they are the world within worlds of Creation.

Little Mountain Outdoor Preschool offers children the freedom to explore the first stage of Bioregional education: playing and learning in the natural environment. A mentor employing “the Coyote Way”, will accompany children in 2.5 hours of exploring shores, forests and pathways:

listening for bird language
the art of questioning
deep listening
survival skills
tending wild plants
opening the senses
honoring gifts in ourselves and others

Map to Mt. Douglas Park
Mt. Douglas Park
4500 Cedar Hill Rd, Victoria, British Columbia, V8N 3G4
Time Price
Mon,Wed,Fri, 9am - 11:30am
$1200/Term | Spring (March - May)| Summer (June - August)| Fall (Sept - Nov)

Little Mountain Bioregional Education offers Outdoor based preschools and afterschool programs, centered on the frameworks of bioregionalism.

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