Winter BrainSTEM Specialists(7-11 years)/Managers (12-14 years)

Run by BrainSTEM Learning Canada Ages 7-14 yrs

Morning 9am-12pm: Winter Challenges

With the winter season comes many new opportunities to have fun and find new activities to perform. In Canada the winter season comes with snow fights, hockey, ice-skating, snow construction like the snowman, igloos, and more.

This season brings students the opportunity to learn about STEM concepts with fun activities, like the physics on a sled, a hockey game using robots, snow fights by designing and building their own catapults. In this way the students are learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics because they will find this information useful to face challenges and improve their designs.

At the same time students are learning all these concepts. They will use teamwork, sharing ideas, use the skills of their partners, developing leadership, and friendships. We are bringing them the opportunity to understand how the professionals and they can use the STEM concepts in our daily life to make our lives easier, comfortable and for sure many times funnier.

Afternoon 1-4pm session: The Gift Factory

In winter season we have one of the most famous annual festivals known in the world, Christmas. On these days, affection and kindness are to be part of the seasons emotions including a little magic touch for many kids with Santa Claus visiting families giving presents to good kids. This tradition is very well known around the world and Santa Claus is very popular.

The Santa Claus fantasy says that with the help of the dwarfs and elves, they manufacture toys, candy and other presents in the North Pole factory for the people that have been good. Santa and his eight reindeer deliver the presents on his sleigh at midnight December 25 (Christmas Day) going down the chimney.

The students will use their creativity and learned concepts to improve a Gift Factory similar to Santa Claus’s, facing challenges and using teamwork learning about simple machines, physics and science concepts, branches of engineering, what an engineer does, how they use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to design, build and improve machines and devices that help us in our daily life. They will face different challenges having fun using STEM education models.

Our Winter Camps are geared towards 7-14 year-olds. They are run over the course of one week and consist of 3-hour sessions with snack break, Thurs, Friday Dec 27 & 28, 2017, January 2-4, 2019, either in the morning or afternoon. You could also do one week of full day classes with two 3-hr sessions, two snack breaks, and a 1 hr lunch break.

Map to BrainSTEM Learning Canada
BrainSTEM Learning Canada
730 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7M 1H3
Time Price Code
Thurs,Fri, 9am - 12pm
Half day: 1 Week: $270 + GST/ 5 day week Full day: 1 Week:$540 + GST/ 5 day week Winter Challenges
Thurs,Fri, 1pm - 4pm
Half day: 1 Week: $270 + GST/ 5 day week Full day: 1 Week:$540 + GST/ 5 day week The Gift Factory

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