Spring BrainSTEM Specialist/Managers (7-14 years) - Session: PLAYING WITH STEM

Run by BrainSTEM Learning Canada Ages 7-14 yrs

Favourite things for any kid are playing games. Many times they can find a toy in curious things like a rock, a box, or a pencil. They can spend hours playing with them. Play helps them to develop their creativity, imagination, dexterity, cognitive, and emotional strength. Parents know that play is important to healthy brain development and keeping their kids happy and healthy.

This program will offer the kids the opportunity to play and have fun discovering how the Engineering Design Process can guide their creativity and efforts to create their own toys, discover STEM in fun projects and share with other kids. They will face team challenges and develop their problem solving mindsets.

In this program students will follow the engineering design process to make their own launchers and face a contest of aiming; Build a Robot and learn about IR sensors to make a remote control facing an all terrain race; Have fun learning and discovering about electrical engineering projects; Design and make their own toys, and explore aerospace engineering basic concepts to build their own wind sales and paper airplanes to face different challenges.

In this week of spring camp program students will:

• Day 1: Aiming Contest. Students will learn physics basic concepts like elasticity, tension, velocity, thrust and more, to design, build and test their own launchers to face different challenges. Students will use mathematics, physic concepts, engineering design process as well their creativity to find the best materials and best design to face each challenge.

• Day 2: All Terrain Robot Race Challenge: They need to build their Robot, learn about programming and IR sensors to make their remote control and use their creativity and Engineering Design Process to design the tools to complete and all terrain race, and other challenges.

• Day 3: Electro-Fun!. Students will learn the basic concepts about electricity building their own electromagnets facing a challenge that will required all their creativity and focus; Then learn and work with electronic circuits to design and build fun electronic projects using STEM to complete their tasks.

• Day 4: STEM Toy Maker. The students will learn how we can use the physic concepts and Engineering Design Process to design and build toys that will help them to face different challenges making individual effort to build teamwork.

Map to BrainSTEM Learning Canada
BrainSTEM Learning Canada
730 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7M 1H3
Time Price
Mon-Thurs, 9am - 12pm
$216 + GST/ week (bring a snack for snack break) (4 day week)

Programs for Children using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through fun/educational classes, camps, workshops, and birthday parties

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