BlockSchool Trial: Intro to Coding & Game Building

Run by BlockSchool Ages 6-13 yrs

This is an introductory programming course that is designed specifically for kids who have little or no experience programming before. This is a TRIAL class for you to decide if you want to enroll in our main course on Outschool. In this course, students will learn how to...

1. Create simple procedural programs
2. Use loops, conditional logic (if this, then that), variables, and functions
3. Create a game like Space Invaders that they can customize and play against their friends!

Best of all, kids will be doing all of this in a Minecraft-like world designed to teach kids coding. Our team has re-created elements of Minecraft and paired it with Scratch-esque visual programming. This means kids can have fun learning to code without the mindless distractions that the normal version of Minecraft has.

Tony, BlockSchool's CEO, will be teaching most of the trial classes. Tony has been a chess teacher since middle school and a coding instructor for the past year. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 studying Business and IT. He has worked as a software engineer, designer, and startup founder since then. In his free time, he is a competitive fencer, runner, and drummer.

Other teachers include Facebook and Microsoft software engineers who have been teaching kids to code for the past year as well.

Map to Live online clases through video chat
Live online clases through video chat
Palo Alto, California, 94306
Time Price
Every day, 4pm - 4pm

BlockSchool is the premier online coding school for kids ages 6-13. We host live classes over video chat between computer science teachers from top schools and companies like Stanford and Facebook, and kids who want to learn!

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