Run by The Harker School Ages 12-13 yrs

This course provides students with the opportunity to complete their Expository Writing 8 requirement in this intensive three-week experience. This semester course expands upon the basics of Expository Writing 7 and prepares students for the rigors of high school essay writing. This course continues to emphasize the value of pre-writing, the necessity of providing evidence and exploring a topic in sufficient depth as well as the importance of proper grammar, usage and punctuation.

The ideal summer expository writing student is self-motivated and wants to learn how to write more effectively. Students who have neither a strong internal drive nor strong English skills are not recommended to take this fast-paced class. Any student who misses more than 1 class will not receive credit for this class and will be required to repeat the course at a later time. Please note that this course will be conducted at the Middle School Campus. Prerequisite: Rising Harker 8th grader with English department pre-approval and completion of self-assessment. Registering for the class online will begin the pre-approval process.

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Mon-Fri, 8am - 12:15pm

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