Poetry Workshop

Run by The Harker School Ages 12-13 yrs

This workshop is for the students who love poetry or wish they had more confidence in analysis and writing! They will be immersed in the oral readings of famous poets and recite poems aloud to develop “an ear” for writing poetry. In this two-week class, they will come to understand the differences between poetry and prose, and learn how to incorporate figurative language, rhyme scheme and rhythm into their poems. They will also learn about structure and analysis. With the help and inspiration from poets like Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Sandra Cisneros and Basho (just to name a few), they will practice writing odes, haiku, lyrical, narrative and free verse poems. By the end of this session, students will have created a portfolio of poems and will have put one of their poems to music and movement.

Map to Harker Middle School Campus
Harker Middle School Campus
3800 Blackford Ave, San Jose, California, 95117
Time Price
Mon-Fri, 12:45pm - 3:45pm

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