F.I.T: Finance and Investing for Teens

Run by The Harker School Ages 11-13 yrs

Knowledge and training in money management is the key to teen success in the grown-up world of finances. This class will help teens learn the fundamentals of finance, investing and business management in a way that engages them in the process, makes them value money in a profound new way, and gets them excited about the advantage they possess by starting young. Students will understand and apply the skills every good money manager should know, using real-life situations and hands-on projects. They'll learn the tricks to earn and save money, identify wants versus needs, spend wisely, balance credit and debt, protect their identities, be smart charitable givers and more! Utilizing practical applications, fun situations, intriguing scenarios and real-life models they'll gain the confidence and courage needed to earn, spend and grow their money in every stage of life!

Map to Harker Middle School Campus
Harker Middle School Campus
3800 Blackford Ave, San Jose, California, 95117
Time Price
Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 11:30am

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