Four-week Session "Core Focus"

Run by The Harker School Ages 5-11 yrs

Our Core Focus classes are tailored to maximize learning under the guidance of dedicated teachers. Students enrolled in this program experience a math- and language arts-focused curriculum. Lessons are designed to reinforce existing skills while stretching a student’s creative and cognitive thinking at or above grade level.
The four weeks are divided into two parts: lessons will be devoted to math for two weeks and language arts for two weeks. This provides students with time to deepen their understanding and application of the concepts presented.

Four-week Session Elective Courses:

Students will choose two elective courses from an exciting list of offerings. Our elective classes are project-based, hands-on learning experiences.

Language Arts

Young Authors: Grade 1
Aspiring authors will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of children’s authors as they create and “publish” their own original picture books.

Ready, Set, Write: Grade 2-3
Creative writing is the focus in this elective designed to offer students the opportunity to express themselves through the written word in response to literature and personal experiences.

The Write Approach: Grade 4-5
Students in this class will learn to choose and develop a topic, use proper paragraph structure, and will focus on the correct use of grammar as they improve their writing skills.

Art & Dance

Artist Workshop: Grade 1-5
Aspiring artists will have the opportunity to stretch their creative genius in Harker's great art studio. Projects will allow the campers to experience a variety of art techniques and methods while learning to express their individual creativity.

Feel the Beat: Grade 1-5
Students who love to dance will gather in our dance studio and learn a variety of steps and techniques in this active elective. Music, movement, body awareness, coordination and exercise are all benefits of this dance experience


Math Adventures: Grade 1
Students will have the opportunity to practice computational skills, develop a deeper understanding of math concepts and challenge their thinking through a variety of hands-on math lessons.

Math Explorations: Grade 2-3
Students will explore math concepts and problem-solving skills using puzzles and real-world problems. They’ll practice computational skills and work with a variety of concepts and logical thinking.

Math Inquiry: Grade 4-5
Logical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies will be taught as students apply their number, computation, geometry, data organization and pre-algebra skills.

First Flight: Grade 1
Students will follow in the steps of the Wright brothers using paper airplanes for their flight models as they learn the basics of aviation history.

Aviation Innovation: Grade 2-3
Paper airplane design, propellers, balloon rockets and kites will be used in lessons and experiments as students learn about air flight.

Magnificent Flying Machines: Grade 4-5
Aerodynamics and math will be explored as students learn about the flying machines of the past, present and future.

Know the Code Jr.: Grade 1-3
Scratch Jr. is an introductory programming language that enables young children to create their own interactive stories and games.

Know the Code: Grade 4-5
Students in this tech-based class will learn and practice programming and code writing through interactive media, stories and animations using Scratch.

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