Oriental Movement Therapy

Run by Esquimalt Recreation Centre Ages 12-99 yrs

Dr. Hegillman, from Oriri Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine centre, will guide you through Oriental movement therapy, a form of self care and a tool for checking-in with your body. This class is for anyone (12 and up) who want to learn simple body movements and breath work capable of alleviating chronic pain and/or structural issues as well as restore overall well-being capable of connecting the mind-body-spirit. For example for chronic sciatic pain, general back pain, recovery from hip surgery any musco-sceletal issues patients can benefit from the medical Qo Gong, Tai Qi and SoTai Movement. Also, in case of neurological conditions: headaches, migraines, neuropathy, this type of movement can be elevating symptoms and sometimes curative as well. Benefits include increased circulation (blood and energy flow), alleviated pain as well as grounding oneself in the present moment.

Our facilities include the Aquatic Centre & Multi-purpose meeting rooms that can accommodate 300 people for recreational programs, community meetings, & weddings. We also offer Out of School Care & childminding services

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