Tier 3: Intermediate Modeling & Texturing

Run by Calgary Game Developers Academy for Youths - Video Game Design for Children & Teens Ages 9-14 yrs

Much like Tier 2, students will learn some more advanced 3d modeling techniques which will help them create more complex 3D models. We will also spend more time in photoshop learning how to make different types of textures to apply to our materials, which will allow for professional effects. This tier will be used to improve on skills and gain more experience in 3ds max and photoshop.

Private Classes for Tier 3 available, please email info@cgday.ca to register.

Time Price
Mon,Wed, 6:30pm - 8:45pm

CGDAY™ provides a social setting for youths and utilizes their interest in video games to create a learning experience which will provide useful skills for their future and set them up for success.

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