The Musical Rainbow (Red)

Run by Place des Arts Ages 3.5-4 yrs

The Musical Rainbow program is taught by Mr. I (Yurgen Ilaender). Students learn the principles of music through singing songs, chanting rhymes, playing music games, using xylophones, recorders and other instruments. This program is based on the Kodály philosophy of using songs and rhymes from children’s folk culture, along with elements of Orff and Suzuki methodology. Note reading, writing and music history are taught in the upper levels. The Musical Rainbow provides a solid basic understanding of music and may inspire children to take private instrument lessons at an older age. Teacher: Mr. I (Yurgen Ilaender) The schedule is subject to slight adjustments as the numbers and abilities of returning and new students will affect the classes offered. Please check with the registration desk for class availability.

Map to Place des Arts
Place des Arts
1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3K 1G2
Time Price Code
Tues, 10:45am - 11:59pm
$10/class + $15 annual supply fee 21319
Tues, 1pm - 11:59pm
$10/class + $15 annual supply fee 21320
Wed, 10:45am - 11:59pm
$10/class + $15 annual supply fee 21321
Wed, 1pm - 11:59pm
$10/class + $15 annual supply fee 21322
Thurs, 10:45am - 11:59pm
$10/class + $15 annual supply fee 21323
Thurs, 1pm - 11:59pm
$10/class + $15 annual supply fee 21324
Sat, 1:30pm - 11:59pm
$120.00 21337

Place des Arts is a non-profit arts centre and music school. We offer affordable, accessible arts education in the visual, literary and performing arts to students of all ages and abilities.

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