Why You Need an Online Tutor to Survive Challenging Educational Systems

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Published Sep 9, 2015

Getting an education is both easy (in terms of access to technology and information) and difficult (in terms of financial circumstance, policy and environment) in this day and age.

Getting an education is both easy (in terms of access to technology and information) and difficult (in terms of financial circumstance, policy and environment) in this day and age. These factors present challenges for students, parents and the educational systems around the world. Sometimes you need to look towards other resources to get that bit of extra help. This is where online learning companies can come in to assist students in getting the education that they deserve. Here, we examine three different types of tough education systems and their relationship to parents, students and the community.

Inner City and Underfunded School Systems

We hear ll the time about the struggles that inner city schools face in places like Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and New York City. These schools often face troubles unlike other schools in suburban and rural settings.

Sadly, problems originating from the streets often creep there way into classrooms. Dangerous influences, pop culture and family finances are all impact factors here. Many of these schools require metal detectors so students don’t bring weapons to the classroom (a problem we have become all too cognizant of in the States, with all the recent school shootings). These distractions have a tremendous impact on a student’s ability and motivation to learn.

The good news is that an online tutor can provide a more positive impact for kids, counteracting all of the noise and distractions plaguing inner-city kids. Urban children can take advantage of services like Tutor Pace to get a personalized education program from a tutor that is dedicated to seeing that student succeed in academic life. This will also hopefully translate into a more positive home life as well, keeping the student focused on positive achievement and practical and complex learning.

Schools of the Rich

We've been talking only about the problems facing low income schools. But affluent communities and private schools have their own set of problems as well. First, if you are a hard working parent trying to put your child into a school with more opportunity and less negative influence, you may have sent your child to a more affluent school in a higher income area.  Unfortunately, this may cause your child to feel like an outsider and become isolated. He/she may react by acting out. Don’t worry. They will come around eventually. An online tutor can help bring the positive student out in your child, too. Dedicated tutors will ensure that your child will have a program that will set them up for success and help them keep pace with their classmates. They will also be prepared for rigorous standardized tests and other obstacles that many affluent schools push to prepare their students for. Remember, funding is often tied to school achievement levels, and these schools have the resources. Take advantage of both the resources and the tutor. Your child’s life will be improved by leaps and bounds.

Schools with Difficult Standards

We are already aware of the fact that more affluent schools may have their own, even more rigorous testing and curriculum standards. However, not all schools perform poorly simply because they lack appropriate resources or funding mechanisms. Sometimes schools have really great support from their communities, usually those with a deep investment in and commitment to education.

Maybe you just moved to one of these communities or maybe your child is just falling a bit behind. A personalized services from a tutor that works directly with them may be the best option for your child. These tutors understand the education bureaucracy and can work to develop a plan that will help your child succeed in any curriculum. They are armed with professional experience as well as determination and sold training. They also love what they do. Consider an online math tutor for your child if they seem to fall into one of these categories.


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