8 Home Décor Ideas to Try With Your Kids

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Published Jul 22, 2015

Some of the best home decor projects you'll ever finish are the ones that you accomplish with your kids. These projects aren't just pretty. They're filled with memories and personalized to your family's unique tastes.

Looking for a place to start as you're working on organizing and decorating your home, especially in a child's room? Try out one of these eight project ideas. 

1.  Frame children's art projects.  There are a couple of different ways to do this.  You can do a big art project with your kids and let them put their artwork on canvas, or you can choose a frame that makes it easy to swap out the artwork for their latest favorite piece.  This will allow you to easily save their favorites and display their artwork for everyone to see while preventing your walls and fridge from being filled with artwork. 

2.  Hang up words of wisdom.  Let your kids help you pick a favorite quote and put it on canvas.  Even better, put it directly on your wall.  Want to get the kids even more involved?  Consider an abstract background and let them help you swirl on the paint.  

3.  Get creative with a tile mirror border.  Pick a pattern that the kids can follow and let them help put the tiles in place. Discounted glass tiles are available online and make a great, colorful choice. 

4.  Create a door toy-hanger.  The door of your child's room is an under-utilized storage space.  Use a shoe organizer to store toy cars, dolls, or small stuffed animals.  Whatever toy it is that takes over your child's room, put them in this ready-made organizer to display them and keep them ready at hand while making cleanup easier than ever before. 

5.  Create letters for wall art.  Buy letters from a craft store and decorate them however you like.  You can wrap them with yarn, paint them, or cover them with any material you can think of.  

6.  Transform old furniture with fun colors.  When your kids are young, they're hard on furniture.  It probably has plenty of dings and scratches.  Update that old piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint in a fun color that will brighten up your child's entire room.  

7.  Build branch swing shelves.  Bring the outdoors inside as you pick up sticks  outdoors, drill holes in the ends, and use rope to create the perfect perch for favorite stuffed animals.  These delightful shelves will let your kids keep their favorite stuffed animals close at hand.  

8.  Build a curtain shelf.  You're always looking for more places to store things in the kids' rooms.  Design a curtain shelf to give them a fun place for those toys that they still want to keep, but which don't see a lot of use anymore. 

When you let your kids participate in the decorating process, you help keep their interest and make them proud of what they've accomplished.  It might not make a big difference in their cleaning ability over time, but for at least a little while, they'll love looking at the clean, neat decor and the memories created often last a lifetime.

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Mindy McCready
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Framing art projects can be combined with collage making. Save postcards, cinema tickets or anything else that contains memories and put these items in a frame together with the projects and you can create beautiful memory frames. They could also be seasonal themed. The possibilities are endless :)

Posted by Mindy M on Jan 23, 7:35 p.m. | Like | Flag as abuse

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