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Over A Dozen Places to Get a Free Education Online

Published May 19, 2015 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Learning doesn’t always have to come from higher education. If you really want to learn, and want to do so without paying for anything, you can do so online.

Learning doesn’t always have to come from higher education. Well, at least not paying six figures to go to college. If you really want to learn, and want to do so without paying for anything, you can do so online. There’s a lot of resources that you can explore to get this done. If you just focus on a few dozen places, you could get an enriching education in the arts, sciences, and more. The internet is chock full of classes if you just want to jump in. If you want to learn, there’s no excuse not to look at these free sites.


MIT OpenCourseWare MIT is the premier college for technology. They allow you to jump into their courses online, and here it is. It’s not easy to go through, but if you want to learn science, programming and more, this is what the students get.

HowStuffWorks Science  Science lessons that dive into the world of how everything works, with video, audio, and so much more.

Harvard Medical School Open Courseware  If you love medical science, here is the top of the whole entire world. Harvard Medical has opened up their school’s curriculum so that you can see how the human body works, diseases work, and so much more. This is free, and it is not a simple thing to move through.


MIT Sloan School of Management  If you want to learn about business, and understand the elements of how to start, manage and more, here is a free curriculum from MIT to get you moving forward.

My Own Business, INC  If you want to start a business, here is an opportunity for you. Within 16 sessions, you will learn everything you need to start a business, whether online or a brick and mortar shop.

Bookboon Free Business e-Books  Free books on business in PDF format. There’s no excuse to not look at the archives here. They are free, and they shine light on business and economics in a whole new way.


University of Washington OpenUW  If you’re a history buff, here you go. Free online courses that are directly from the University of Washington. They focus on all topics that you would imagine from a History degree. They are free to use, and explore.

Notre Dame Open CourseWare  The famed Notre Dame opens up a lot of resources for the general public. If you love History, here you go, a full scale option to learn just about anything under the sun in this category.

Boston College Front Row  Boston College opens up a lot of access to their tapes, and options from their History department. History buffs will be flooded with different options to learn, and understand about historical elements far and wide.


Math.tutorpace  For those that are having a hard time with math work, here is an option. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can learn everything there is to learn about heavy math. From trigonometry to calculus, you can get real world help from a math tutor in real time.

Math Umpire  With this site, you get a comprehensive tutoring solution. For students that want real life expertise, you can find someone to help you in real time. This is an option that connects students with tutors, and gets true academic glory.

Khan Academy  Another great resource for those that want help with math, science, economics, and more. Learning is made fun, and free with this site as it is a nonprofit organization that brings learning to a lot of students across the world.

Computer Science

New York State University Computer Science  If you want to learn programming, this is the key. With a lot of videos, tutorials, links, and lectures from the NYCU computer science program, you can very well learn how to learn to code just about anything you’d like.

Main University  Computer science resources that will absolutely give you everything but the kitchen sink. It’s detailed, it’s incredible, and you are going to get lost in the shuffle of information. If you want to learn tech, here is your chance to learn.

MIT Open CourseWare CS  Want to learn exactly what MIT teaches? Here you go. An overview of the computer science and engineering departments so that you can learn just about anything you’d like on your own. There’s a lot of information here about the computer world, and more.


Duke Law Center For The Public Domain  Duke University has put together courses to help teach law for the general public. While it may not get you a law degree, it can open up the field of study to you in a whole new way.

Boston College Front Row Law  For those that want to learn the law from one of the premier colleges on the Eastern Coast of the United States, here is an option well worth exploring. It has full media access to the school’s law lectures and library.

Harvard Law School  Perhaps one of the premier colleges in the world, Harvard provides a long line of educational materials. You’ll be able to get lectures, media, discussions, and paperwork to learn the law and study amidst the greatest of scholastic arenas.

Wesleyan College Constitutional Law  This is a complete run down of the U.S. Constitution and the law that covers it. With full online lectures, class notes, and much more, you can learn a lot more about the country and the laws that govern the United States.

Online Tutoring

Tutor Pace  This online school covers K-12 and even college education classes. You can get access to a network of teachers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in nearly every subject matter. No matter where you may need help, you will get it within this framework.

Edu Niche  Tutoring comes alive within this site. For those that need a helping hand learning reading, writing, finance, and so much more, there’s opportunity here. This is a more direct approach to learning, as you will be able to get one on one time with tutors rather than just going through a lot of files.

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Comments (3)

May 27, 2015, 7:11 p.m. Flag

This is incredible! At no time in human history has the general public had such a rich access to knowledge on all topics. I'm blown away by this list and I really appreciate your bringing it out to light, Sunil. Thank you! :)


May 31, 2015, 6:56 a.m. Flag

Thank you, Andrea. I appreciate your comment and I hope to write more in the future.


December 31, 2015, 6:31 p.m. Flag

This is such a great list! I haven't heard of a lot of these programs. I'm currently in college studying anthropology but I have so many other interests that I unfortunately can't study officially. I love online courses like these because they are so flexible on top of being free. Another favorite source of mine is Coursera where universities periodically sponsor free college level courses. Thanks for compiling this list of resources, I look forward to checking out a few of these.


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