Top Mommy Bloggers in Austin, TX

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Published Jan 30, 2017

Parenting insights by a diverse selection of Austin area mothers.

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2014 Top Mommy Bloggers in Austin, Texas

Mommy bloggers in Austin each provide personal insights on a variety of topics, both social and professional.  

Here are ChatterBlock's favorites:

Baby Making Machine

Jennifer Borget is a journalist and blogger helping parents document their children's lives in extraordinary ways so they can make beautiful memories with their beautiful babies.

Through the Baby Making Machine, she shares tips on journaling, photography, and videography, as well as parenting tips on raising multiracial children.

The Baby Machine has been featured in the media several places, including the Today Show and the Huffington Post.

Cheer Up Buttercups

Cheer Up Buttercups is a premier, Austin-based parenting consulting company that offers no-judgment, supportive services for new families and children aged 0-5.

They have a team of experts offering lactation consulting, potty training, sleep consulting, post-partum doula services, night nanny/overnight newborn care, car seat safety, nutritional counseling, placenta encapsulation, and much more! 

They also offer workshops, email, phone support and/or private in-home support. They have vetted the experts and have only the best on their team.

"Our top priority is matching each family with the right person that aligns with their goals and philosophies."--Allison Reyna (co-founder, Cheer Up Buttercups)

The Successful Single Mom

Honorée Corder is an executive coach, personal transformation expert and author. She was a single mom for 6 1/2 years and during that time rode the wave of struggle to success as a single mom. 

Honorée does her best to simplify the solutions to today's quickly evolving single mom challenges into easy-to-apply bite-sized pieces. She believes that all single moms have the power within them to create a life they truly love, and she's on a mission to empower them to do just that. 

The Successful Single Mom blog is all about single moms and how they can create the life, love, finances and future they desire for themselves and their kids. 

The blog provides insights single moms can use to feel great, find new love, generate additional income, cook healthy meals and find a general sense of happiness and success. 

Genie in a Blog

Genie in a Blog documents the good, the bad, and the ridiculous of life with twins plus one.

Leigh Ann Torres started blogging in 2008 when she realized that baby books weren’t really her thing, but she still wanted to document life with preemie twins and massive sleep deprivation

She’s often funny, sometimes poignant, but always real. And tired. She’s always tired.

Mommy Katie

Mommy Katie is a blog filled with family friendly reviews and giveaways on the various products and services that are out there.

From a ongoing Preparing for Baby Guide that includes all of the hottest must have items for baby that are on the market along with the seasonal guides, to the recipes for picky eaters, there is a little something for everyone. 

Baby Proofed Parents

Kirsten Brunner, MA, LPC, and Cheryl Sipkowski, MS, LPC are two therapists who decided that they wanted to do more to empower expectant and new parents.

Readers love hearing about their personal stories and struggles as parents, finding them to be more relatable. 

They are regular contributors to the Huffington Post and Scary Mommy, and will be launching their BPP YouTube channel in January 2015 which will  feature video clips designed to "bring sane to baby brain"!

"Despite being therapists, we are definitely not perfect parents. Everything we put on our blog is infused with authenticity and humor - we want it to be a fun and interesting place for new parents to hang out." --Kirsten Brunner

The (Reformed) Idealist Mom

Kelly is a recovering perfectionist, she procrastinates, and she’s constantly tripping over her own feet. In the plus column, she’s really good at making spreadsheets and eating baked goods.

At her blog The (Reformed) Idealist Mom, Kelly shares her struggles against that mean old witch Perfection and celebrates the "good nough." Subscribe to learn how to handle your kid’s temper tantrum like a ninja, whether you’re making a HUGE mistake every night at the dinner table, a magic trick for taking your kids shopping with no whining, and more.

Austin Moms Blog

A blog written by moms, for moms.

With a team of 19 local mamas you are guaranteed to gain a balanced perspective from the Austin Moms Blog team!

You can find local recommendations, honest reviews, DIY ideas, stories from other moms, and more.

The blog members aren't just available online--they offer the opportunity to connect in person for play dates and other social events!

Written by Howard Wu

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