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Lunar Lunacy – Are your boys wired to the Moon?

Published Jan 5, 2015 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

Are your boys wired to the moon? I am no expert on behaviour or full moons but in my experience I can see a correlation between the two that to the naked eye would seem totally unrelated.... I like to call it, the lunar lunacy.

A full moon has no impact on the female species.  It starts to affect the male species after their first year.  Jamie's (3) behaviour becomes absolutely erratic. He can’t decide if he wants to be good or bad.  He will literally fight with his own shadow.  One minute butter wouldn’t melt and the next he is causing absolute chaos.  I’ve had days were I am fit to pull out what remains of my hair in frustration, where bedtime cannot come fast enough. When I finally find an opportunity to glance out the window as night falls, there it is in all its circular glory – the dreaded full moon.

 I think that on the day of a full moon three key behaviours alter and spin out of orbit, definitely exacerbated.

1.   The Merciless Meltdowns

Meltdowns are bad on a normal day.  However when the moon is involved they are on a whole different level. 

These meltdowns are actually mind boggling to watch.  Recently Ryan (1) lost the run of himself over what appeared to be absolutely nothing.  He is generally a very happy little guy who rocks to "Come with me now". The Full moon was waiting to appear but already had altered his personality.

He wailed like a Banshee for a good 15 minutes which felt like a lifetime.  I am sure our family in Ireland heard him.

At one point he started to slap me in the face.  Really?  Meanwhile as he was lashing out at me, Jamie was on my other side gently stroking my other cheek.  I wasn't fooled, I knew in five minutes it would be his turn.

Looking at the bigger picture you might think that he was probably frustrated.  He is developing his vocabulary.  He is trying to verbalize and sometimes Mommy just doesn’t understand the grunts.  However, on the days when there is no full moon it would never get this out of control.

2.   The Listening Lapses

They are born with two cute little ears.  They hear really well but oftentimes they choose not to listen.  Add a full moon to the mix and there is NO listening.

Trying to shop with kids normally is hard but when they won't listen, one word - disaster. 

My friend recently turned the big 50 and I wanted to buy her a gift.  I had an idea.  I had the boys with me and I entered a shop of breakables.  Bad idea.  I had the chat before we crossed the threshold "touch with your eyes not with your hands Jamie".  Ryan was restrained in the stroller.  Full moon equals not listening at all.  Needless to say we left fairly rapidly with no purchase. 

I brought all three to Shoppers one day to collect a parcel.  Three minutes I thought.  Thirty minutes later I emerge hair standing, greyer and I managed to get the parcel.  Please don't touch anything I pleaded in their ears.  As I turned my back for 30 seconds to sign my name, they turned the place upside down.  Guess what? Full moon that night.

3.  Mad Moves

On a normal day boys prefer to run towards a couch than sit on it, their two legs will be thrown in the air like a warrior and they will grab it and throw themselves over it.  Boys will climb up the rails of their crib and torpedo onto the mattress like a ninja.  Boys will look at a curtain pole as an object to swing out of and pull from the wall.  They will look at a wooden room divider which is not bolted to the wall as an object to push over.  Boys will be boys.  But guess what? I think it gets worse when Mister Moon is lurking.

At a recent school pick up I had a near mishap.  My daughter's school is perched on a small hill.  When I park in the car park opposite the school, I have to cross a road to collect her with the two boys in tow.  On our way back to the car, Jamie was running down the hill, I called to him to go no further than the yellow pole.  Ignored.  He continued, which saw me galloping with Ryan on my right hip and hollering at Laura-Leigh to follow me.  He was that close to deciding that he was going to cross.  On a normal day, he would not have made this move, he would have listened and waited.  However, the moon was sending those signals to behave badly and he was obeying.  To avoid any future mishaps he has been instructed to stay by my side, no leeway given for any lunar lunacy.


It is my belief that the full moon almost has a light switch effect on little guys behaviours.  Normally, the light is on,but the moon turns it off, and with that places behaviour in a dark place.  Ironic given the moons brightness.

Remember, never a dull moment in my house and more importantly keep sane.

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Comments (2)

January 6, 2015, 12:38 p.m. Flag

Wow! This explains a lot for me! I have a little boy who is almost one and a half. He was much worse than usual last night! Melting down for no apparent reason, running around like a mad man, and then getting up at 3AM and staying up for 2 hours before going back to bed. I'm going to be watching now to see if this happens with every full moon.


January 7, 2015, 3:44 a.m. Flag

I am sure this is true, because on full moons I am so alert, and can't get to sleep for HOURS at night


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