Kids Martial Arts Classes in Vancouver

Published Aug 12, 2013 | Updated Oct 28, 2019

Looking for classes that will be good for your child’s mind, body and spirit? ChatterBlock has a great list of some of the best kids martial arts classes in Vancouver for you! The practice of martial arts has some amazing benefits to children – improved coordination, encourages physical activity, fosters self-discipline, boosts socialization skills, increases self-esteem, teaches goal setting, the list goes on! No matter the age of your child or their level, ChatterBlock has found some great studios who are offering some of the best kids martial arts classes in Vancouver.

Champions Martial Arts Academy – North Vancouver

Champions Martial Arts Academy’s success has been based on service to students with complete dedication to their achievement. Starting in this North Vancouver location, Champions has grown to be a multinational martial arts system and brand. They are proud to offer sports kickboxing which includes strikes, kicks, forms and self-defense moves derived from many art styles. Champions also offers cardio kickboxing and ribiero jiujitsu.

NEWEra Athletics Inc – Richmond

NEWEra Athletics is an innovative training facility with a combined team experience of over 45 years in muay thai, kickboxing, MMA, pro boxing, martial arts, self defense, combat sport, fitness, conditioning and general wellness. NEWEra prides themselves on offering the best programs available, and whatever your goals they will find a solution. The benefits of muay thai are discipline, self control, and effective and devastating defense skills.

Creekside Martial Arts – Vancouver

Creekside Martial Arts is a family-oriented martial arts school that primarily teaches ITF TaeKwon-Do at its foundation. The main elements are kicking techniques from the ancient foot fighting art of TaeKyon, hand techniques from western style boxing and philosophies stemming from Eastern traditions. ITF TaeKwon-Do  is ‘scientific usage of the body for self-defense’, and a very practical martial art for everyday use. For students that have a strong grasp onthe more advance TaeKwon-Do techniqes, they introduce elements of other martial arts such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wresting, muay Thai, judo and others.

Academie Duello – Vancouver

Academie Duello is a school of Western martial arts that specializes primarily in the Italian school of swordplay. Programs span multiple disciplines including use of of the rapier, sideswsord, longswrod, pole arms, wrestling, bartitsu, archery and mounted combat. The Youth Program and Knight Camps cater to ages 8-14, which has a centre focus on mastery of the arts, personal fitness and growth, stage combat and performance, as well as team-building and youth leadership. Academie Duello is the largest centre of its kind in the world.

Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby – Burnaby

Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby is a traditional martial arts school offering professional and expert instruction in Yoshinkan Aikido for kids and adults. They are dedicated to provided world class Yoshinkan Aikido helping you build a strong mind and body, and at the same time, learn powerful defensive techniques in a strictly focused, supportive and friendly environment. Trying to decide if its for you or your child? Try the first class free!

Dojang Studio Martial Art Training – Vancouver

Dojang Studios offers a unique workout while training your mind and body. The kids program and curriculum focuses on flexibility, balance and ground work (rolling, falling, and tumbling). The program is all about acivity of love of exercise, coordination, fun, friendship and respect. This is a belt level program with all aspects of martial arts training. Go to Dojang Studios to learn something new, grow confidence, develop strong core, balance and flexibility, improve performance at school, home and place, and have a lot of fun!

Sirota’s Alchymy – Vancouver & Richmond

Sirota’s Alchymy Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre has been facilitating personal and community empowerment since 1992. They have two professional centres in Vancouver and Richmond as well as conduct programs at various schools and community organizations throughout Metro Vancouver. The Alchymy was created to offer everyone an opportunity to grow physically, technically, mentally and emotionally. They are a family-oriented centre focusing on fostering positive life skills and character development within students. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, fitness level, and abilities on their journey of personal empowerment.

Intention Martial Arts Academy – Vancouver

Intention Martial Arts Academy’s blended Martial Arts curriculum provides a solid foundation in Shotokan Karate, with a strong influence from Tae Kwon Do, with additional influences by a variety of different disciplines and styles including boxing, Modern Ninjutsu, and both classical and sport Jujitsu. This enhances a student’s ability to prevail in a variety of different scenarios.

More great kids martial arts classes in Vancouver can be found on ChatterBlock!

  • BUDO Martial Arts – Burnaby
  • Hayabusa Karate School – Vancouver
  • Kees Tae Kwon Do – Vancouver & Richmond
  • OneWorld Karate – Vancouver
  • Red Tiger Martial Arts – Surrey
  • Superior Martial Arts – Vancouver
  • Triunity Martial Arts – Surrey

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This is a nice list of what's around Vancouver. Tough to know though which type is the right one for the child with special needs.


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