Kids Martial Arts Classes Vancouver

Published Feb 4, 2014 | Updated Feb 19, 2020

The practice of Martial Arts is both a wonderful way to improve your child’s fitness and an ancient method of training mind, body and spirit. Here’s a look at some of the best Kids Martial Arts Classes Vancouver has to offer!

Kids Martial Arts Classes Vancouver

Champions Martial Arts Academy Ltd.

Champions‘ success has been based on service to students with complete dedication to their achievement. Starting as a stand alone location in North Vancouver, B.C., teaching Kickboxing, Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitu, MMA, and cardio kickboxing, Champions has grown to be a multinational martial arts system and brand. Champions is proud to offer Sport Kickboxing founded by Master Farid Dordar, that includes strikes, kicks, forms, and self-defense moves derived from many martial arts styles. Champions also offers; Cardio Kickboxing and Ribiero Jiujitsu.

Dojang Studio

Dojang Studios, an innovative Vancouver martial arts school in Vancouver BC, can show you and your children a unique workout while training your mind and body.  The Dojang martial arts kids program and curriculum focuses on flexibility, balance and ground work (rolling, falling, and tumbling). Their kids program is all about activity and love of exercise, coordination, fun, friendship, and respect. This is a belt level program with all aspects of martial arts training. Benefits include: strength & flexibility development, great confidence & self respect, improved performance at school, home and at play.

Sirota’s Alchymy

Sirota’s Alchymy- Martial Arts & Life Skills Centre has been Facilitating Personal & Community Empowerment since 1992. They operate two Professional Centres in Vancouver & Richmond as well as conduct programs at various schools and community organizations throughout Metro Vancouver. Over the past years, Sirota’s Alchymy has been instrumental in instilling Positive Life Skills in thousands of Children, Youth, Adults, Families, Adults, Senior Citizens and Individuals with Special Needs & Disabilities via our classes, workshops, camps and special events.

Academie Duello

Academie Duello, based in Vancouver, is a school of Western Martial Arts that specializes primarily in the Italian school of swordplay. Programs span multiple disciplines including use of the rapier, sidesword, longsword, pole arms, wrestling, bartitsu, archery, and mounted combat at their stables in nearby Steveston, BC. Duello’s Youth Program and Knight Camps cater to students aged 8 to 14. Youth are given martial instruction in weapons such as the longsword, rapier and quarterstaff. At their 5-day Knight Camps, students also learn about Heraldry, Knightly Virtues, history and more. Learn more about Knight Camp at The programs at the centre focus on mastery of the arts, personal fitness and growth, stage combat and performance, as well as team-building and youth leadership. There are over 250 actively attending members across all programs and hundreds more attend workshops and seminars, including Corporate and School groups, held regularly at the centre. Academie Duello is the largest centre of its kind in the world. Quite amazing!

New Era Athletics

New Era Athletics is an innovative training facility in Richmond BC with a combined team experience of over 45 years in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, Pro Boxing, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Combat Sport, Fitness, Conditioning, and General Wellness. At NEW ERA they pride themselves in offering the best programs available.  Want to get back in shape? Want to train just like a professional athlete? They can provide you with the training that you desire to help you achieve your goals!

Creekside Martial Arts

Creekside Martial Arts is a family-oriented martial arts school that primarily teaches ITF TaeKwon-Do at its foundation. The main elements of ITF TaeKwon-Do are kicking techniques from the ancient foot fighting art of TaeKyon, hand techniques from western style Boxing and philosophies stemming from Eastern traditions. With scientific research, TaeKwon-Do changed the delivery of our techniques so every attack and defence is performed with maximum efficiency. ITF TaeKwon-Do is ‘Scientific Usage of the Body for Self-Defence’. There are no weapons in TaeKwon-Do, all techniques are unarmed including self-defence. As such, TaeKwon-Do is a very practical martial art for everyday use. For students that have a strong grasp on the more advanced TaeKwon-Do techniques, we introduce elements of other martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Judo and others. Their school provides a family-friendly environment that is challenging for even the best athletes.

For other Kids Martial Arts Classes Vancouver visit ChatterBlock’s Martial Arts Resource Directory!

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