Are your kids ready for the 21st Century?

Published Feb 23, 2015

The demands of the 21st Century require that kids become more fully prepared for all of life’s challenges. Kids in today’s quickly changing world must learn more than just than reading, writing and arithmetic. In fact, the latest research has shown that character skills like curiosity, generosity and grit are even more indicative of a child’s future success than their IQ.

Are your kids ready for the 21st Century?

The growth in 21st Century learning requires kids to develop not just one, but four types of intelligence:

  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical

This global movement has redefined the goals of education and transformed how learning is practiced. Teachers are moving away from the traditional methods of teaching, and are bringing new and innovative approaches into the classroom to prepare students for the jobs that have not yet been created.

Summer Camps also provide opportunities for learning. They ready young children for Kindergarten, make sure kids don’t lose what they’ve learned in school over the summer months and teach new skills, all the way from making scientific discoveries or creating edible art, to how to be a leader or work as part of a team. Kids learn not just about what they are doing or making, but from the process along the way. We’ve heard stories from parents and staff, that after their camp experience, kids were becoming better people. They were being nicer to their siblings and other campers. They were excited to learn more at home. They wanted to teach others. They were more confident and articulate. What was truly amazing or better yet, “magical”, was that these effects didn’t stop at summer.  Parents were witnessing these skills being carried through to their children’s friendships, studies and hobbies during the school year too!

Edventure More prepares them for their future

Edventure More’s summer camps, Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech, continue the development that happens at school and at home. At camp, children participate in hands-on activities, develop a love of learning and build the skills necessary to thrive, communicate, collaborate, problem solve and think creatively. Edventure More’s one-of-a kind life skills programs, The Edmo and EdTech Vibe Games, then promote and reinforce these traits to prepare children for the future and put them on the road to becoming happy and successful adults – and make sure they have the time of their lives along the wa

About Edventure More

Edventure More is a year-round 501(c)(3) non-profit enrichment organization dedicated to inspiring curiosity, confidence and kindness in children. Through a partnership with top Bay Area museums and talented professionals, Edventure More creates high-quality summer camps, Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech, and school year programs where children build intellectual, social, emotional, and physical intelligence.

Edventure More is a local force in the national movement to: Prevent Summer Learning Loss, save hands-on learning in schools, and build 21st Century Learning Skills in kids. 5% of all summer camp proceeds and 100% of donations support camper scholarships and subsidize the cost of their classroom science programs for schools.

Find their wonderful camps all across the Bay Area, on ChatterBlock:

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