Staying Warm on Halloween Night

Published Sep 24, 2013

As soon as September comes, it seems the stores begin effortlessly filling with Halloween goods, decorations, and costumes. Soon houses will be decorated and the night will be upon us once again to take our children out trick-or-treating. Being a Calgary native, I am well acquainted with those chilly nights, especially when it comes to finding ways to staying warm on Halloween night.

I have memories of flying down the park slides with my friends on Halloween afternoon in elementary school, throwing off our sweaters as the sun crept out from behind the clouds. I also have memories of Halloween nights so cold and snowy that we forfeited our candy route halfway through for the luxury of a hot chocolate as our bright red fingers and toes warmed up by hot registers.

It is likely too early to know now what the weather will be like this year, though we can prepare ourselves for staying warm on Halloween night — Calgarians know that it’s best to always be prepared for snow!

Weather Appropriate Costumes for Staying Warm on Halloween Night

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind for staying warm on Halloween night is layers. I went as an oversized mouse for about 5-years straight purely for the ease of bulking me up in a winter snow suit underneath my costume, if need be. When staying warm on Halloween night, you will want to make sure there is room underneath your child’s costume for layers; sweaters, long johns, sweat pants, snow suit, heavy socks. This way, you are able to keep them warm without taking away from the look of the costume. If making the costume yourself, just make it a few sizes bigger, and if buying, buy the costume in a larger size than your child wears. This will ensure room for growth and layering.

If your child is wearing a costume that can’t be layered from underneath, such as a princess, ballerina, wizard, etc., you can consider making capes and jackets for them that suit their individual costume. Make smart choices like choosing warm long johns over thin leotards, and thicker material for dresses and robes. Even finding covers for shoes (or wearing more weather appropriate shoes all together) is also a good idea. Those toes can grow cold very fast, and should be paid close attention to.

Aside from designing weather appropriate costumes, make sure to have proper footwear, hats, scarves, and mittens. We were known to wear hand and feet warmers as well on those very chilly nights.

Go Indoors to Warm Up Whenever Needed

Staying warm on Halloween night is a bit of an art, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a bit of a game. How many layers can we fit under this costume? How long can we stay outside before we have to run back home?

The latter is also a wonderful trick we’ve mastered over the years. Trick-or-treating in your own neighborhood, or a friends is great because it allows you to do a few blocks, take reprieve for long enough to enjoy a hot chocolate, then go back out to get to a few more houses. Usually this plan works well if you start earlier in the evening, allowing time for breaks to warm-up. Bringing warm drinks with you while trick-or-treating also works well, although usually the parents will become the carriers of said drinks.

However you are staying warm on Halloween night this year, be sure to remember reflectors on dark clothing and to check weather conditions. Check your children’s fingers and bellies for coolness, and make sure to get them inside to warm up even if they are too excited to leave the festivities. If you prepare well, you will all likely enjoy your evening of trick-or-treating while staying warm on Halloween night!

Have fun!

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