Kids Cardio – What Counts?

Published Jan 14, 2014

It’s a new year which means it’s the perfect time to revisit our goals and priorities! You’ve heard it a million times, keeping your little ones active is one of the most important things you can do for their wellbeing – but let’s face it sometimes it’s a downright struggle to haul them off the couch and away from their wonderfully fun and engaging screens!! So this year I challenge you to make Kids Cardio fun! What counts as Kids Cardio anyways? Simply – pretty much any type of “exercise” that increases the work of your lungs and heart. I put “exercise” in quotes, because as adults when we think of exercise we most often think of activities like running, hiking, swimming, etc.. but rewind a few years (okay more than a few) and think about all the things you used to do as a kid that didn’t involve sitting on the couch…

Here’s some Kids Cardio “Exercises” that may jog your memory and help keep your kids active this winter!

Playing with Puppy – Your pup absolutely loves going on walks with mom and playing fetch with dad but kids will keep at “playing” with the pup for way longer if you provide the right environment. If you have a back yard, send your kids out to play with your pup – give them a little bag of treats and challenge them to make an agility course for pup – trust me your kids will love it and so will you when the kids and the pup are asleep by 9.

Gardening – In the spring, make a day of “playing” with your kids in the garden. All the squatting, and digging and moving plants around – it’s hard work and gets your muscles working!

Bowling – I went bowling on Sunday night for the first time in 20 years, I couldn’t believe how much fun I had and it was a fun way to move! Not super strenuous but better than Sunday night movie night!

Local Links:

Mountain View Bowling (#11 – 3919 Richmond Road SW., Calgary)

Climbing – Climbing is wonderful for strength training and way to overcome fears at any age- be it a tree, an indoor climbing gym, or a mountain.

Local Links:

The Crux Climbing and Bouldering Gym ( 1415 28 St NE, Calgary)- The Crux is one of the tallest indoor climbing gym in North America.  Their routes have a variety of holds making an enjoyable and challenging route for all climbing levels.

Dance Party – Depending on your little one, dancing may or may not be an intense workout but it does get their whole bodies moving and they’ll love getting a chance to be goofy, especially if you join in!

Swimming & Splashing – Swimming, sliding, splashing – all are amazing ways to get kids active and using their entire bodies. You think running up 3 flights of stairs 27 times at the pool slide isn’t an awesome workout? Try it yourself!

Swimming & Aquatics Facilities in Calgary

Trampoline Jumping – Jumping is fun and improves balance and coordination: awesome! If you don’t have a trampoline at home or if it’s a bit to freezing for the great outdoors, there’s a few really great places in Calgary to bounce your heart out.

Extreme Air Park on 334d Street has 42,000 sq. feet of interlocking tramps!!

Jump Rope – Jump rope burns more calories than almost any other kind of aerobic activity and it costs next to nothing! Skipping rope can be done in or out of the house, you just need a little bit of space and a relatively hard surface.


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