Cooking Programs For Kids

Published May 25, 2017

My eldest daughter is at that terrific age of 8 where she is starting to become interested in cooking and I am more than happy to move out of the kitchen, grab my iPhone, and wait to be dazzled by something she and her dad (supervision is highly recommended) have created.

We are fortunate in Victoria to have access to a variety of cooking programs available at rec centres throughout the city. These are usually reasonably priced and incorporate a lot of healthy eating basics and... fun!

There's also some amazing more formal cooking classes that have popped up in more recent years.

For a up-to-date listing of upcoming cooking classes for kids and teens, you can always check out our list of cooking classes and camps. Local businesses offering classes are constantly updating this list with their upcoming schedules, so that you have on easy place to check!

Here are 5 programs for where to start should your kids, partner or even you express an interest in exploring cooking.  I’ve start with the basics of measuring and kitchen safety and then added some spicier classes for the more experienced gourmet.

Cooking For Kids & Teens

With Chef Heidi Fink - for budding chefs in your family, Chef Heidi Fink offers cooking camps for ages 6-14 where they will experience fun hands-on cooking, learn fresh recipes and nutrition, safety, and even some outdoor games!

Cooking for Fun - This looks like a fun program for ages 7-12 yrs where they learn the basics of cooking that they can easily recreate at home. Everything is provided, and it's only $14 to join in for an evening of fun at Oak Bay High School.

Cooking 101 - A great class for teens ages 12-18 years, learn the art of making gourmet food on a KD budget! Hosted at Belmont by West Shore Parks and Rec. Maybe a good option before kids head out of the home to go to college? That way they're not on a KD diet like I was at that age... Haha! 

Kids in the Kitchen Camp - Offered on Pro-D days and school breaks at North Saanich Middle School are these wonderful camps for learning basic food prep, kitchen skills, healthy eating, and creating their own cuisine. For ages 7-12 years. 

London Chef - Every once in a while there will be public classes held for kids and families to attend. But also- if your child is really serious about channeling their inner chef then private kids lessons are offered. Or why not make their next birthday party about cooking and bring a chef to the group?

Cooking for Adults Only

I personally love to cook (and eat) so I couldn’t end this article without considering grabbing a BFF to join a cooking class for adults only.  I secretly hope that “for adults only” means the chef will be topless with a bow tie and oven mitts on.   Here are three adults only classes that interested me.

London Chef - With classes offered weekly, the menu is always changing! You'll easily be able to find something for you, with classes shaped around Italian, Thai, Mexican, date nights, you name it.

Cook Culture - What was a hidden gem might not be so hidden anymore. Cook Culture is a retail location downtown that also offers amazing classes by night. Whether you want to improve your knife skills, learn new recipes from around the world, or learn how to make sushi at home, there's classes for all interests and levels.

Cooking East Indian Cuisine - This is another well priced program.  It’s only $62 for a 3hr class.  You will make some vegetarian recipes from the northern part of India, yum!

Kallayanee's Kitchen - If you love Thai food, learn the authentic dishes from a Thai master chef. There's public classes, private lessons, or she will even come to you if you gather the group!

All this talk about food has made me peckish so I will bid you adieu and check out what’s in the fridge. Heck, perhaps I’ll even find an unclaimed chocolate Turtle in the kids’ candy basket from Christmas.  Not likely.

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