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How to Make Your Home into a Workable School

Published May 7, 2020

With schools being closed early due to COVID-19, continuing your child's learning from home has introduced a new experience for parents, children, and teachers. It can be challenging getting children to focus on education in the place filled with their favourite people, devices, and distractions. Fortunately, we have some of the best resources and tips to turn your home into a workable school for you and your children. 

Creating a Home Classroom

Adjusting from a designated workplace such as a classroom to the place your children call home can be difficult, but if you believe it will work- it will.

1. Communicate with your child about where they feel comfortable working, and figure out the best quiet area to keep them focused on their study. 

2. Find out what tools they require, their teacher has likely sent out a list of the lesson plans they will be doing each day, feel free to inquire into what tools they might need to exceed. This may consist of: a computer connected to the internet, a desk, and/or a chair. 

3. Try to help them stay organized, this will help them understand the difference between a work area and a play area. Using storage organization items will be helpful when organizing homework and finished work. They will also need school supplies handy, that should be used for work and work only. 

Set Goals and a Schedule

One of the most beneficial skills that can come from working at home is time management. Try and set daily, and weekly goals with your children to assist their learning to the greatest extent. 

1. Find out when your child works best, it might be in the morning, or right after lunch. Determine when your child will be the most focused for a set period of time, and stick with that time daily. 

2. Google Calendar is a great online free resource to see daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and deadlines. 

3. Goals do not mean orders, they are meant to guide and motivate and are needed for these times while working from home.

4. Setting a goal with your schedule can increase your child's time management skills and awareness. They will understand the work they want to finish, and what time frame they have to complete it.

Maintain Social Connections

It is evident how much children are missing their friends while self-isolating, and it is important to maintain a healthy work-life, social-life balance. Students seem more engaged and excited to learn when it means they can be social with their peers.

1. If your students school isn't doing group learning, try and connect with other parents of the class and schedule a virtual playdate.

2. Virtual playdates can be done through Google hangouts, Zoom, Facetime, or even Messenger kids - a Facebook software designed for kids to maintain social connections. 

Not All Work

While progressing with your child's learning, it is important for you and them to understand that not all learning skills can be done through math, science, and history. 

1. Make sure you designate breaks throughout the day to not wear out your children so they can return engaged. 

2. Arts & Crafts, cooking, and playing engaging games with your children can be a learning experience without them even realizing it. 

3. Make sure your child is getting physical exercise, especially if they are working out their brain all day. Check out some awesome Online Fitness Programs to ensure your child is getting physical. 

Find the Resources Your Child Needs

Extra help right now should not be shameful. Homebound schooling and changed environments, and daily routines is a new experience and the more help, the easier adapting will be for your child. 

1. Reach out to other parents, teachers, and tutors if needed! 

2. Use resources to help your children get engaged with a topic or deepen their knowledge. Here are some of our favourite Online Academic Programs

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