Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many activities and events have been cancelled or now being offered online, please contact the provider to confirm.

Online Learning Resources for Families and Kids

Published Apr 1, 2020 | Updated May 25, 2020

Online learning is a valuable resource for families, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when we're housebound. Possibilities aren't just specific to STEM and academic programs, as many other organizations are offering new at-home programs. Engaging your children with stimulating and enjoyable activities, while  providing structure and responsibilities in confusing times like this, will create benefits they will carry with them forever. 

Innovative learning programs and techniques are constantly being offered through YouTube and other online video sources.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and possibly into the summer, families are searching for programs that offer structured classes through a group video, or activities that can be done at one's own schedule.

For the former, local businesses who can offer support over the phone, may be your preference. 

A wide range of programs are available sorted by categories (click to browse by program type):

In times like this when your children are home, it can be challenging to prohibit them from getting bored and lazy. Introduce them to a multitude of activities and see which ones they enjoy, it may be something new or something they have tried before. The best way to get your kids to do activities is to make them enjoyable, here are some of our favourites from home, that will provide your child with different skills that they will carry with them forever.


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. All of these are important skills to carry, and can result in rewarding careers. If your child seems passionate about any of these, introducing them to these useful programs can help them discover more about themselves and their interests. 

STEM Camp 

Virtual STEM Camps cover topics from coding to animation, to 3D design. New programs are added weekly for various age levels.

Mad Science of the Bay Area

Virtual summer camps include plenty of hands-on science activities with new topics daily.  Class sizes are limited to make the sessions more interactive.  Each session is taught by two instructors through Zoom.


Spark Science from Home programs offer a variety of DIY experiments and online challenges for curious young minds.  They also show live streams of their current exhibit in Calgary, AB, where viewers can ask questions. 


EDMO Live! sessions for kids in K-8th grade are just like a summer camp, but online.  Live instructors lead daily activities, with camp themes like Roblox, Minecraft, and more.

EDMO Live! Coach 1-on-1 sessions are also offered for topics like coding, graphic design, French, and even the drums!

EDMO Live! Camps are offered in full or half-day sessions.  Each session is a small group class, with its own theme

iD Tech

Private online lessons and Virtual Tech Camps are offered for students ages 7-19. Choose among your favorite STEM related topics while social distancing is in effect

Saskatchewan Science Centre

With the Centre being closed due to COVID-19, many online activities are offered, mostly free, with video instructions.  An all-new live online coding program in early April 2020. Real Science. Real Fun! Online.

Code Ninjas

At-Home Coding programs will boost critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, with guidance from designated Code Senseis® via video.

A&D Tutoring

Offering the latest and in-demand STEM programs in Edmonton, AB, they offer online tutoring through face-to-face video conferencing where learning documents can be shared directly.  Online Minecraft Camps and birthday parties will also be available.


Get real-world training in coding, movie making, 3-D printing, or cyber security.  Online classes are taught through Zoom webinars in real-time. 

Level Up Learning Centre

Virtual 1-on-1 coding classes, day camps, and birthday parties are all offered through the LevelUP Kids location in Surrey, BC. Their full selection of Virtual Tech Classes are available for students ages 7-15.


Ready to learn engineering with local engineers? EngKidz offers virtual STEM (Science and Technology) workshops for kids (Grades 4-7). Kids explore science concepts through a series of Interactive simulations, games, demos and quizzes.

For each workshop kids build a cool working project to keep them thinking & tinkering for hours. Project kits are included in the program fees and are mailed before the start of the workshop. 

Academic Enrichment

With school being closed early, it is important to maintain your child's progress through other forms of learning. As much as you and their teachers are helping, tutor programs will ensure your child's deep understanding and make learning from home as fun and easy as possible. Some of the programs listed below may also stir new interests for your child such as languages, politics, and marine life. 

Unlearn Academy

Unleash your child's superpower at Unlearn Academy. Through their innovative programs, students will work on things that matter to them by finding issues in their world that break their hearts, they will research those issues in depth, they will create solutions to those problems, they will connect and network with people in their communities and they will implement their solutions and make a difference. They will become social change makers. 

Academic Camp Online

Affiliated with academic Camp Canada, which offers camps in Ottawa, Victoria, and Saint John, Academic Tutor Online has been helping students achieve academic success for over 20 years.  Tutoring is offered for any subject.

Fraser Academy and FAx

Based in Vancouver, BC, all of Fraser Academy's regular one-on-one programming is offered remotely as well.  These include remedial math instruction, Orton-Gillingham & academic skills development, and writing clinics.  Summer Boost Camps and Dolphin Kids Camps(TM) will also be offered remotely, with interactive hands-on learning themes.

Lift Learning

Games and customized practical real-world learning are offered either in-person (in Calgary, AB), or online. One-on-one sessions art offered in 2-3 hour time slots for ages 6-16.

Language Hub 4kids

Learn Spanish or German online through ZOOM. These introductory classes are aimed for students ages 8-12.  For those based in Victoria, BC, there is an option to continue with in-person classes later on.

Debate Camp

Debate camp online is available for students in grades 4-10.  Camps are at scheduled times, so students can interact with each other in small, age-appropriate groups.

Latin Camp

Learn the Latin language, and a bit of history and culture in ancient Roman times.  Small group lessons are offered for beginners (Primus Level), and intermediate (Secundus Level) students.

Sylvan Learning

A well-established brand in the education industry for over 40 years, Sylvan learning has now gone virtual with live, online tutoring.  Support is offered through their toll-free line.

Learning Disabilities Society

Based out of Vancouver, BC, the RISE at Home program is a customized one-on-one online learning platform for students with disabilities. Programs are open to all students, with bursaries available for families in need.

Brightspace Learning

Aside from in-person programs in a variety of subjects, online weekly math camps are available through Zoom.  These include Get Your Hands on Math (for ages 10-12), and Bridge the Math Gap (for ages 12-14).

Sea Smart

Take the Ocean Defender Online Course, and learn about the marine animals and how to protect their habitat.  The course is designed for students ages 7-9, but can be open to younger kids as well.

Music & Performing Arts

If your child is already participating in performing arts sports, it is important to make sure they are practicing what they love. Not only does performing arts influence your child to be creative, it also provides life-long skills such as: public speaking, musicality, body-awareness, and a mental and physical workout all at the same time.

Ballet Victoria

Scheduled virtual classes classes are offered through Zoom for kids, youths, and adults.  Please keep an eye out for other upcoming classes on their full class listings.

CMT San Jose

Exciting musical theater programs are offered with a new theme each week. Week 1 of Camp CMT has now been moved online via Zoom, with future weeks to follow as needed. Develop voice, acting, dance, in their cutting-edge workshops.


Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

During the time of social distancing, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks will be offering virtual classes for youths and adults. Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, and Family classes will be offered through live and streamed classes.  Although one of the world's leading professional jazz dance companies, the also run a wide range of recreational programs.

Spotlight Academy

Regardless of your age or experience, you can take private lessons from renowned acting coach Jacqui Kaese, from Spotlight Academy in Victoria, BC.  Topics can include audition skills, scene study, characterization, and career development.  

Broadway Babies and Kids

Virtual classes are being offered Monday through Saturday day at 10am PST.  If you can't make that time, video replays are available.  Sing and dance with your kids at home!

Youth Theatre Northwest

Pre-recorded and interactive classes are offered for ages 3-18, so you can learning can be done at your convenience. Several fun themes are available, ranging from Wizards and Wands, Pirates and Mermaids, Move and Groove to Shakespeare Discussion and Cellphone Soliloquy.

Arts Club Theatre Company

The Arts Club Digital Edition brings workshops, video series, and behind-the-scenes production footage to your living room.  Keep checking in as programs are continuously added.  

Theatre SKAM

Theatre SKAM's Creation Continues program is an online hub with a full afternoon's worth of theatre activities for the family.  New videos are posted periodically, so be sure to keep up to date on all the episodes.

Great Big Theatre Company

Virtual online drama camps are offered for kids ages 6-14.  Camps run weekly and are conducted through Zoom group conferencing, including storytelling, play writing, movement games, poems, and more.

Mount Royal Conservatory

Don't miss a beat! Online music, voice, speech arts and drama lessons are offered online for all ages and levels of experience. Private music lessons are available for a wide range of instruments by highly-qualified instructors. There are also group classes for young children ages 6-months to 3 years old.

Pacific Opera Victoria

Between Acoustic Afternoons, where artists perform from their own homes, Listing Party Podcasts, and Inside Opera Online, your whole family can take in some entertainment together and learn about an often forgotten industry.  Videos are available to watch replays at their your own schedule

Night Vision Music Academy

Online music production lessons are available 1-on-1, or in a group class.  An online Teen DJ & Music Producer camp will also be offered, if the in-person camp out of their Edmonton, AB location is cancelled.

Victoria Conservatory of Music

The VCM is offering a new online musical story-time class for kids ages 4 and under, and a Families Making Music Class for ages 5 and under.  These are scheduled group classes through ZOOM video conferencing.  Musical instruments (pots, pans, spoons, etc.) are household items.

Willamette Valley Music Together

Take an online "Music Together" early childhood music program with your kids.  Classes are offered for Babies (birth to 8 months), Mixed Ages (up to 5 years), and Rhythm Kids (ages 4-7).  Drop-in classes are offered at scheduled times.

Sports & Fitness

Getting exercise can be difficult to do at any age, but we all know how important it is to do so. These programs will allow your children to have fun while burning calories, as well as getting them outside to do so. This is also the perfect opportunity for your child to try something they never had the opportunity to do, such as yoga, or martial arts. 


Twice a week, videos are launched through the Canada Olympic Park Facebook Channel to demonstrate at-home workouts for families.  Themes change weekly, so keep an eye out for their expertise, designed for various sports. 

Fun for Life GO

Produced by the City of Victoria Recreation, new videos are produced weekly in at least one of three categories--Fitness, Kids, and Outdoors.  Stay connected and in shape while respecting social distancing measures.

Jack of Sports

Stimulate you child's body and mind through virtual programs.  Programs are offered for children as young as 4 years, through ZOOM video conferencing. Classes are offered in abacus, art, dance, yoga, science, and more.

Dojo USA World Training Center 

Now offering Virtual Kids Karate Classes out of their studio in San Bruno, CA, Dojo USA will instill discipline, self-confidence, and physical fitness, while bully-proofing your child.  Kickboxing, and adult virtual classes are also offered, so the whole family can take part.

Uphoria Yoga

Virtual online yoga classes in Vancouver, BC, taught through ZOOM videos. Family, youth, and parent & tot classes are available.

K-Fitness Martial Arts Academy

Online training is available on a drop-in basis for children of all ages based out of the Vancouver, BC martial arts studio.  These 40-minute classes run through Zoom on weekends at set times.

Trackers Earth

Normally, wilderness survival, nature, hiking, and orienteering are themes in Trackers Earth's live, summer camps, but this year, in their Epic Online Adventures, new skills that are offered include zombie survival tips, exploring ancient ruins, magic, music, and crafts!  

Island Circus Space

Keep up with your conditioning, flexibility and other circus skills!  30-minute classes are taught through Zoom video conferencing, for kids and adults.  You don't need to run away to join the circus.

Studio In Essence

Take a drop-in class through Zoom, out of their studio in Halifax, NS.  Select the class that best suits your interest whether it's drama, acrobatics, break dancing, or the circus arts.  Adult classes are offered as well.

Hanabi Judo

Virtual Judo classes for beginners are taught through Zoom.  These classes aren't just judo--they are a cultural experience that includes stories, songs, and Japanese language learning.

Arts & Crafts

These programs will help guide your child to unleash their creative ability, but in the end art is supposed to be up to the creator! 

NINE Studio

NINE (New Intelligence Next Education) Studio summer camps will be offered online in place of their live camps cannot take place in Nob Hill, CA.  In the meantime, other online studio classes in art history, world culture, crafts, and painting are taking registrations now.

Young Rembrandts

Online classes can be taken at any time, with lesson plans sent to your email.  Class themes for artists ages 5-12 include themes such as Elementary Drawing, Graphic Cat Fun Dogs Cartoon, Hawaiian Animals, and more.

McTavish Academy of Art

Virtual classes and workshops are offered through live streaming video. Arts & Crafts, Yoga, Dance, Fitness, and Nutrition programs are available for all ages

Dallas International School

Online camps are offered in 2-3 hour sessions.  Children will be able to complete their work on their own time, after receiving guidance from teachers.  Age-appropriate activities are offered for kids of all ages, as young as 3 years.

At home learning may have some social drawbacks, but here are some advantages that are worthy of noting:

  1. Parents can participate and help in the lesson plan, while bonding with their children
  2. Transportation costs are eliminated
  3. You can sign up from anywhere in the world
  4. There is no dress code
  5. Learning can be done at your own pace
  6. Lesson plans can be saved for future use

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