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Family Pups: What to Look for in a Puppy Before Adopting

Published Mar 5, 2020

Adopting a puppy is a big step. You're adding a new member to your family. There are a few things you need to look for in a puppy before adding it to your family.

Dog Temperament

A dog's temperament can be a tough thing in a house with young children. If you notice it growling or showing aggression, the pup might not be for you. Sometimes puppies growl because they're scared, but you should be well versed on the breed so you know if they have any aggression issues. Almost all dogs can be trained to be friendly, but some are just genetically made to be a little tough. You don't want to take the chance that the dog might harm the children one day. Also, listen to its bark. Most dog's bark is much worse than their bite, but make sure your young children aren't fearful of the bark. It's going to probably be scared at first so it's important to ensure your children the bark might be out of pure fear instead of thinking it's just a mean animal.

Training Ability

Some dogs are easier to train than others. You need to decide the amount of time and patience you can put forth for training your new pup. There will be a few days or weeks of crate training, potty training and/or behavioral training. For example, if you are looking for Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies for sale they are swift, independent, and intelligent. Puppies like this that are friendly and have adaptable personalities are usually the easiest to train. Make sure whatever breed you choose adapts to their changing lifestyle, and don't shy away from training. A family dog needs to know their boundaries, when to go outside to potty and how to interact with people.

Activity Level

Decide what level of activity you wish for in a puppy. Do you want a pup that is chill and wants to lounge on the couch all day? Do you want a pup that goes hunting with you? Do you want a pup that is active and will go on walks with you? If you travel a lot, decide if you want a dog that can easily come along with you. Some people love high energy dogs while others want a dog that doesn't need a lot of physical activity. Many people's children love to chase the new puppy and play with it so it might be best to get one that has a higher activity level.


Level of Maintenance

All dogs have a certain level of maintenance just like people. Decide what is the best level for your family before finding your new pup. Some dogs need a lot of grooming from their toenails to their long hair complete with cute little bows. Other dogs don't need as much maintenance if they have shorter hair on their bodies or facial hair that doesn't fall into their eyes. Little pups that fit in your purse with cute, long hair and matching outfits are a lot of work so make sure you're up for it if you choose that kind. Most puppies have a regular level of maintenance that includes going to the groomer a bit and sometimes a trip to the veterinarian, but nothing over the top.

Health Issues

Do your research so you know what you're getting into with your new breed of puppy. Make sure if you go through a breeder, they have a positive reputation. You don't want to adopt a puppy that has major health issues within the bloodline. Most breeders only adopt out the best, but there are some out there that give the adoption world a bad name. Speak with your breeder about the type of puppy you're adopting so you know anything strange to expect. Research the breed to know if they have any joint issues or strange medical issues. Your pup may never have any of these issues, but it's good to always be prepared just in case.

Gaining a new family member is an exciting and rewarding experience. You're adopting a new puppy that will join your family making new memories. Get ready for a new journey that will change your family and the new puppy's lives forever.

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