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5 Fun Craft Ideas to Make With Kids!

Published Mar 11, 2020

Crafting is a great way for children to express themselves and creates a stronger bond when done with parents. Here are five really cool crafts that you can make with kids.

Before the invention of tablets, virtual reality, and social media, kids spent their time crafting. Crafting is a great way for children to express themselves and creates a stronger bond when done with parents. Here are five really cool crafts that you can make with kids.

Unicorn Slime

Slime has become a trend among children of every age. Children on YouTube have also gone viral for doing ASMR using slime and making homemade slime. Slime is surprisingly inexpensive and can be a fun, easy craft for kids to enjoy.

To make unicorn slime, mix clear glitter glue and liquid starch together in a bowl. If you want a thicker consistency, gradually add liquid starch. Next, separate your mixture into smaller bowls so you can separately add colors. After thoroughly mixing either food coloring or acrylic paint into each section, lay them next to each other. Make sure that the ends are overlapping. Grabbing the ends of the slime mixture, stretch and fold the colors into each other to further mix the separate colors together and you’ll have unicorn slime.

Homemade Dish Towels

Everyone owns dish towels, even if they’re only used for display. Making homemade dish towels for your loved ones that love your kids will be a great gift for any occasion. For this craft, you’ll need dish towels, pencils, fabric paint, and contact paper. You can also use stencils and cardboard or an extra piece of paper to absorb excess paint during the stamping process.

Start by drawing your design onto the contact paper. After peeling the back of the paper off, apply the sticky backing to your towel. Once your pattern is secure, you’re going to take the end of your pencil and dip it into your paint colors. Dab your paint around your design with each color. Be sure to put your paper or cardboard underneath the towel prior to applying the paint. Once the paint has dried, remove the contact paper from your towel and you’re all set!

If this is a present for a loved one, add a bow. This also gives you the opportunity to teach kids how to make a bow. Now they will be able to wrap as many gifts as they’d like!

Perler Bead Magnet

For this project, you’ll need Perler beads, a pegboard, ironing or parchment paper, and magnets with a peel-off backing. You can also print out templates as a guideline. Make sure the adult uses the iron.

Use a design that fits your pegboard. Add each Perler bead to the pegboard piece by piece until your design is completed. Carefully cover your design with ironing paper before lightly applying pressure with your iron for twenty seconds. Slowly peel away your paper and the beads should be merged together in the shape of your design. Apply an additional piece of ironing paper and iron again for 15 seconds. Once cool, add a sticky magnet to the back and place it on your refrigerator.

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

How cool is creating sidewalk chalk? To start, mix the plaster of Paris with water. Add tempera powder paint in the color of your choice and let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes. Pour it into a mold and let your chalk solidify. Enjoy your homemade chalk for hours.

Mini Foosball Table

The beauty of this craft is its functionality. To begin, use a hole puncher to create holes on each side of a shoebox for the dowels. Set your box aside and use a glue gun to secure clothespins to the dowels. Once dry, spray paint them two different colors to identify the teams. Cover the outside of the box with paper and cut goals on the sides without holes. Place the painted dowels into their holes, drop a ping pong ball in and have fun!

Crafts are a great way to bond with children you enjoy spending time with. Whether you’re creating items to sell, give to loved ones, or simply want a new game to play, crafting is a great way for you and your children to express yourselves. All of these projects are affordable, so let’s get these kids off their electronics and into creating something special.

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